about kellie

Hey, I’m Kellie.

I’m the little lady (read: Wild Woman) behind We Are Handpicked Photography + Blog. I’ve been writing since I was like, five I think? However old you are when you start to realize those letters make words, and those words make sentences and sentences make stories. I process life and everything in through words and rely heavily on pictures when words just won’t do.

I’ve always been into a little bit of everything and I’ll likely be that way forever. I love telling stories, making people laugh and cry (bonus points if you do both simultaneously) and making people feel at home. I’m a mom, wife, teacher, leader in ministry, paleo chef wanna be, yogi, safe skincare advocate, kind of a hippie and I’m often trying to quit coffee and keep stuff in my flower beds alive. My blog has been a place for me to catch all the things related to my real life and business over the past decade and I love it. You can search posts for my first week in college, that time I went to Spain, our honeymoon, when I went to Peru and then had a baby and then had a baby again. I love this little authentic corner of the internet where I’ve managed the tension of oversharing (see: had a baby) and having a real and private life (see like all of 2012 when I blogged like twice).

I have a passion for connecting with people I love being able to use my love for words and photos to do so. If you need me, I’m probably at home because I’m on call for a birth and don’t dare go too far (more about that here) or I’m out galavanting downtown  somewhere with my daughter on my back taking brand photos for a pal’s side hustle. Everywhere I look, new life and a fresh start is blooming and I love it. The possibilities are endless! I will travel for an awesome almond milk latte, gluten free baked goods and a mom in active labor.

You’re here on purpose, nothing is a coincidence.
We are handpicked, my friend. 

PS: I am a 4 wing 3 on the Enneagram. If that is important to you, now you know. If you don’t know what I’m talking about, disregard.