Our Summer in Photos | 2018

What a summer! It’s officially fall and we are currently in the mountains of North Carolina getting the first glimpse and feels of the fall breeze and I am 100% in my happy place (minus two points for a congestion and cough). I’m using this weekend as an official transition into FALL and we have big plans to get home, wrap up some home renovation projects and then I have my eyes on a DIY fall wreath project which has me feeling giddy in the most basic white girl crafty wife mom way.

Back in my one-kid days I documented and regularly posted our “everyday” photos but things have been super busy around here since Emmeline Joy joined us (16 months ago…) and while I’m hanging in with the documenting (somewhat), posting regularly is clearly not my forte… right now, anyway!

Easing back into a little bit of a slower season work wise and kicking it off with a recap of our summer in PHOTOS! Like, one hundred photos in a blog post. I’m pretty sure that’s too many. But some highlights:

• We celebrated Emmeline’s first birthday • Emmeline took her first steps • I taught summer school online • Lincoln went to day camp at the YMCA • We spent countless summer evenings and weekday mornings at the Y pool • We took our first road trip to Tennessee (me, ever!) and spent several nights in a hotel as a family of four • during our trip to TN we celebrated the beautiful life of Marshall’s grandma Joy, got to visit with cousins, aunts and uncles and had a date night in Nashville • I took the kids to Pullen Park and Lincoln hated the boats, but they tolerated the train and loved the popsicles • Countless mornings in the sandbox in our front flowerbed • Lots of playdates during the week and some weekends with incredible friends • a family trip to Marbles kids museum on a Thursday • Em started cutting molars and hated us and life, but really likes her new toothbrush • Buzz Lightyear jammies and Superman shirt on repeat • I rented a Sony DSLR and then bought one a month later • Our first trip to the beach as a family of 4, I still haven’t had a Britt’s donut and we all got sunburned • teeny tiny ponytails • one million diaper changes • so many carseat naps • a blue and pink hydrangea bush for a brief time in the front yard • the end of the 2s class in preschool • our best friends from CO and Winston Salem came to see us (and I can’t find the memory card) • so many snacky dinners • Sundays at church serving as a family of four •

Man. I loved this summer 100000 million times more than last summer. Not to hate too much on last summer, it was just really hard with a newborn and new toddler. This summer was just so much more fun. I’m so aware of only having eighteen summers. 3 down already with Lincoln, two down with Emmeline… it’s all going so fast. Kids of Mine: if you’re reading this in the future, please know that while sometimes you drove me completely crazy, I truly love every minute of being your mom. Please don’t ever leave me. K thanks.

The One with the Man Cave

Friday after work I drove to Charlotte to help my sister with the man cave overhaul in her new house. They are doing each room in their house and just finished her “lady cave” (aka sewing room) and it is beautiful! You can see pictures of it here, on her blog. She got her father in law to have Dan come home to Durham for the weekend, and she got her mother in law, sister in law, Jamie, and I to come down for the weekend to help paint the room, under the story of “wedding stuff” since Jamie is getting married in October. A likely story. 🙂 In all honesty, we discussed “wedding stuff” a lot that weekend! Here are some pictures of the process… I wasn’t able to see it finished as I left early Sunday morning to make to Hillsborough to see Marshall preach (you might be able to listen to it online here…eventually) but my sister texted me some pictures once they got some of the furniture back in. It is awesome, she did two walls a light grey and two walls orange. I hope to have an orange room some day.


Beginning when I went to college all family “traditions” surrounding the holidays kind of went away. At first, it was a little depressing to not have  the holidays like I remembered them from my childhood, but now I kind of look forward to the holidays and how there is a little bit of flexibility and it’s never the same two years in a row. This year, my sister (who is a nurse) had to work on Christmas eve night and subsequently Christmas day so she was kind enough to host a little Christmas eve meal. I drove down to Charlotte on Christmas eve to spend a few hours with my parents, sister and brother-in-law and open presents and eat some delicious food. This year I contributed the green bean casserole, which never having tried it until this year, I must say, it is not my favorite. I think next year I’ll try to make something I like. We ate and opened presents and watched most of the first season of 24, then I headed back to Durham/Hillsborough to visit with the Chaney fam.

My sister was working until 11 on Christmas morning and then she and her husband were going right back to Durham to visit with his family, and my parents were leaving early to go to Wilmington to visit my grandpa (whom I visited earlier in the week) and I just didn’t want to drive on Christmas day. I drive 80 miles (if I go straight to work and back) during the week every day so Christmas day I just wanted to wake up close to where I would spend the day. The Chaneys were so kind to let me bunk with them, and so I got to partake in their Christmas festivities which was awesome. Having kids around at Christmas is just so much fun. We spent the morning eating chocolate, playing Rock Band and constructing various things out of Legos. It was great. Not to mention the incredible snow, it was just a perfect Christmas all around. I cannot believe it, but I didn’t take a single picture anywhere… not at my sister’s, not at the Chaney house, not of the snow… not of anything. Nor did I really look at my phone, or open my laptop. Sweet vacation. 
I was supposed to head to DC on Sunday, but because of the weather I am still in my lil’ apartment in Garner. I have some work stuff to do (reluctantly) and have taken on a new craft project to keep me occupied this week while I don’t have to work. I rearranged my room in an attempt to make room for some furniture that my parents are keeping for me so that they don’t have to keep using their storage space for it. Now I am in possession of this sweet little end table. I have the perfect spot for it next to my bed, but given it’s aged state I am going to give it a fresh coat of paint and some new hardware. I was going to do it a crazy bold color but I don’t really feel like spending the time outdoors spray painting so I am just sticking with white, which I can do (carefully) in my living room with a paintbrush. I’ll do some fun accent fabric inside the drawers and put some colorful Anthropologie hardware on the drawers. I am quite excited to actually buy something from that store… normally I just go in, mouth gaping and wander around looking at stuff. To be honest, hardware is probably the only thing I can afford….
Anywho, school starts back January 3, so in the meantime I’ll be crafting, catching up with friends, trying to get rid of this cold/respiratory issues that I’m sure my wonderful students are responsible for, and watching a lot of Friends DVDs. My sweet boyfriend got me a DVD player for Christmas and I’ve just been putting in the Friends one right after the other. Happiness. I’m also going to attempt getting an oil change and settling up with the Smithfield police… I may or may not have gotten a ticket recently for an expired registration. Yay adulthood. Happy Holidays! I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas and are prepared for what will undoubtedly be a great year in 2011!

The M Family

A few weeks ago I had the chance to meet and photograph the sweet Martinson family. Mr. M is a professor at my Alma Mater, coincidentally enough in the International Studies department (I almost doubled in IS, had I more time!) They have the sweetest girls and I had such a great time photographing them. The girls were such champs out in the overcast rainy weather. Thank you for having me! I hope you have a wonderful holiday! 

sister kisses

This was my favorite. Sweet, patient big sister probably has to put up with a lot with twin baby sisters.

Labor Day Weekend

….is my favorite weekend. After the first full week of school, I was ready for a long, full (of fun!) weekend. That is for certain. I am completely in love with my job, my school, my students…everything about it, but two 12 hour work days back to back really made me look forward to some time NOT in Spivey’s Corner. Saturday, Marshall and I took a little road trip down to Charlotte for the day. We did a lot. First we hit up 40W and got the essential “road trip” yums: Bojangles. There is nothing better than a large tea and a biscuit and fries on a Saturday morning. It had been way too long. Our first stop once we got to Charlotte was Ikea (duh) and there we met up with my sister, her husband and their friend Katherine. In case you were wondering, Marshall is the most fun person ever to go to Ikea with and Cassidy drove alll the way there from their house in Matthews just to visit with us. Fun stuff. After Ikea, we went back to Cassidy and Dan’s for a little cookout (and reaaaallly cute pictures) and Jamie and Mary came and joined us. More fun stuff. After the cookout we met up with Marshall’s old roomie from Raleigh, Harris, who is now in medical school in Virginia since he happened to be home in Charlotte for the weekend. He is one of my most favorite people ever, and sadly I didn’t think to take a picture at that part. Boo. Any who, I can’t even express what a wonderful weekend it was. My cheesy facebook status says it all. There is really nothing better than a) a long weekend, b) a long weekend with beautiful weather and c) a long weekend with beautiful weather and being completely surrounded by people you love. Happiest September!

I “antiqued” this one up, but here’s a bit of sweet picture time with Cassidy and Dan. Yes, Cassidy, they are all cute. I promise. 🙂 
I hope you all have a wonderful September!
This is my favorite time of year, I am so glad it is finally here.