June Goals 2019

We are wrapping up part one of 2019 and it BLOWS MY MIND. Time really picked up when we became parents in 2014, but the introduction of the second kid in 2017 sent things into some kind of crazy time warp speed space continuum. Life is going by so fast. Except of course, that last stretch between when the kids are done with “quiet time” and daddy gets home. That forty five minutes is one year long.

I’ve been using Powersheets this year for goal setting and it’s been such a revealing process. I started my year strong Nancy Ray style with poster board and big sharpies, and I went back and looked at those yesterday and it’s so incredible to see just how much life itself has shifted since December, and what I thought I wanted to build and what after almost six months of life has really reframed what I really want to build.

The most beautiful part of this process has been really just taking time to sit and be with the Lord and to talk to him about what’s important to me and important to him. It’s freed me so much from my always achieving worried about success 3 wing. He’s really impressed upon me that he is not limited by careers, by titles, by incomes, by algorithms… He has given me a unique set of skills and will position me and partner with me to use them to continue building his kingdom here on earth. Whether I’m teaching Spanish, in the delivery room with new parents, taking photos at church or changing a diaper–- I was made for this. SO WILD!

This summer is going to be (already is, honestly) a joyous one! I’m filling it up with sun, pool days, eating with friends, time together, reading, outside time and work that I love. I’ve already had the opportunity to doula/shoot one birth in June, I’m on call for another. I’m wrapping up a Spanish course development contract that has been a complete creative gift. I’m opening up our in home studio later this month for just really simple and beautiful photos… and it is so good.

I think about my first summer of motherhood and where I was physically, emotionally and spiritually and I look around at this life before me and can barely believe it is the same person living it. Summer used to be filled with so much fear and dread, but God really does make all things new. New seasons all around. New new new!

Here’s to another GREAT and probably REALLY HOT summer!

Set up business budget in Everydollar (favorite budgeting app!)
Finish Spanish Course Development Contract + invoice
Finish film project for my brand client Beautiful Chaos Boutique
Welcome two new babies to the world!

Laundry Rhythm: one load each day, designated person.
Childcare Rhythm: one day babysitter, one hour at the Y.
Quality Time Rhythm: one on one time with everybody.
Reading Rhythm: read each day; rotate Bible plan, fiction fun, non-fiction for book study group

Move! Go for a walk, swim with kids or laps, or attend a yoga class at the Y
Eat plant matter of some sort at every meal.
Power Hour: one hour of uninterrupted work

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