Jevon & Laken + 1 | maternity

These two are expecting a sweet little rainbow baby girl next month and I had the JOY of hanging out with them at the NCSU arboretum a few weeks ago. They both are absolutely radiant with impending parenthood, and we had way too much fun galavanting around the arboretum in the morning sun. Also, they are g o r g e o u s (both separately and together) and so I may have worn them out with hiking all over– I just couldn’t get enough!

Not long after they booked Laken told me this baby was their rainbow, and asked if there was some way we could incorporate that into our session. I borrowed a fancy triangular prism from a friend to reflect some light in photos, but a ton of little perfect rainbow circles showed up all morning in my regular lens flare. The last image was one of my favorites with the prism– it reflected a nearby tree so well, and I’m always a sucker for subtle tree of life (placenta) imagery. And I super love that we were able to honor more than one little life with these photos.

It was such an honor to get to document this sweet season for you. I am so looking forward to meeting this precious (and undeniably gorgeous!) little girl of yours so so so soon!

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