February Goals (and a baby farm animal)

Recently, while I was “tidying up” I found an old memory card with all of my photos from my study abroad trip to Costa Rica in 2009! These photos of me with a baby sheep are so random but that was the summer after I died my hair red and I think I need red hair again… and a baby sheep. Or is this a goat? Am I for real?

There’s nothing special about January 1st! Or February 1st for that matter. We came out of January with a little bit of a limp, the stomach bug made its rounds (but skipped my husband and got my daughter twice?) and we made it out alive with all our limbs intact and that felt like Victory with a capital V, indeed.

On the life front, things are good and wacky! I’m up to my elbows in toddler tantrums and preschooler hilarity which I am loving. I’m currently on a break from teaching… indefinitely. I am still a licensed teacher in NC and will be for several more years but I’m not employed anywhere as a teacher right now and I am L O V I N G it. For the first time in 10 years I’m not thinking about lesson plans, grading, calling parents, students… it’s a nice life and I like it. I’ve got open hands about the whole vocation thing and I have quite a supernatural peace about it all. Just very thankful to be alive in the time that I am in the place that I am with the kids that I have in our home and our family. Peace and gratitude abounding. Extended time on Instagram can get my 4 Envy going in terms of my birth photography business but God’s been speaking to me repeatedly and firmly: Kellie, it’s okay to grow slow. So slowly I continue to grow. Slowly. Slow. Ly.

I picked up a little education consulting gig online which will be nice when it’s time to buy groceries later this spring and I accidentally bit off way more than I could chew with photo sessions the first week school got out (literally a birth, family, two brands and a newborn shoot in one week and then we all got sick the next week. So. Behind. On. Editing.) All in all… it’s a different life than I’m used to. So relaxed, yet somehow crazier than ever with the kids, and I love it. I also am loving the 2 hours a day I get of childcare at the Y so I can work a little and also goof off a little.

Eczema is still a big part of my life and my flares thankfully/unfortunately are only around my eyes these days which is super frustrating and uncomfortable but I’m making the best of it. Worked my way back to paleo (finally) and I’m hoping that + a change in my medication will get that under control so I can NOT have pink eye every week and maybe, maybe shower somewhat regularly again.

February! I’m glad it’s a short month because really, really, really… I’m ready for spring. It’s been in the 60s and 70s this week and I am 110% here for it. Here’s the goals! Lots of boring specific to me things, but interesting nonetheless if goals are something that are interesting to you. What’s one thing you’re working on this month? Comment below with a link to your goals post!

Monthly Items

  • Read John, Exodus + start Leviticus
  • Finish Birth Becomes Her Course (send gallery)
  • Update website (contact form, birth + family galleries)
  • Finish marketing plan for BBH course
  • date night with Marshall
  • mama + Lincoln date

Weekly Items

  • Share favorite Beautycounter product on Instagram
  • blog once a week
  • exercise 4x a week
  • walk Luna at least once a week

Daily Items

  • Check Everydollar daily + Put transactions in
  • Assigned Bible reading for our Bible in a Year plan
  • Kiss Marshall
  • Morning Kellie Time

Also, an honorable mention to my sister life friend Sarah. She nailed it in this blog post about goal setting, and she gives me a lot of credit but real talk: I’d be doing a lot of NADA without her textcouragement and real life kick in the pantsness.

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