Foto February 2019: SOOC Challenge

It’s February! In college I used to do this self-imposed Foto February challenge. It was a different time and getting photos from a camera to a computer required cords and time and photo editing software… I guess all of those things still exist, but I can also now tap my Sony camera with my iPhone and send RAW files over in seconds. With a few quick thumb maneuvers I can share that image with the entire world in seconds. IT BLOWS MY MIND.

What a world we live in, photographically! I literally remember a time in my life where film cameras were the only thing and in just my short lifetime we’ve entered an age where everyone has access to a DSLR, multiple lenses and photo editing software that can shrink their hips and erase all their freckles. I’m always clinging to authenticity and truly enjoy embracing the “imperfection” (I don’t really like calling it that) of life and sometimes I get so worried about presets and photo editing and wonder if we’ll look back and really see how our pasts looked or how we just wanted them to look so we edited it that way.

Most of my personal photos I curate and save straight out of the camera– I usually just cull out ones where I was figuring out settings or if it’s a particularly boring photo, but I find that my current camera gear situation really captures the color and essence of what my life feels like– and I want to remember it that way. No hating on presets or editing, I use both and have an arsenal for client work too, but I think there’s nothing to be lost by becoming more proficient and efficient in our shooting and composition in camera to save us time and frustration in post.

Learning never stops and I love that. I love to challenge myself, it helps me to grow creatively and there’s always something I learn whenever I do this annual challenge and I’m sharing it again! The gist is below, and if you want to see some college Kellie, here’s the post I did in 2017 about it.

  • The objective of this challenge is to create images that you love straight out of the camera. ANYTHING is possible with photo editing these days, but everything is to be gained by creating images we love in camera.
  • There are 25 photo prompts. You can split it and do 25 separate photos, or combine them. Some will go hand in hand (fast shutter + low aperture or vice versa, etc; high ISO at nighttime; slow shutter for movement, etc.). It’s up to you, totally customizable. Pick and choose to make it fun for you!
  • When you share, include your settings and gear.
  • Use the hashtag #fotofebruary when you post on Instagram.


  • f/ highest a lens goes
  • f/11
  • f/8
  • f/4
  • f/lowest your lens goes


  • SLOWEST it goes
  • 1+ second shutter
  • 1/25 shutter
  • 1/250 shutter
  • FASTEST it goes


  • ISO LOWEST it goes
  • ISO 400
  • ISO 800
  • ISO 1600


  • rim light
  • external light
  • flash
  • dawn or dusk light
  • nighttime


  • self portrait
  • landscape
  • animal portrait
  • water
  • movement

HAVE FUN! Share on Instagram with #fotofebruary!

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