Zeke | Brand New

This baby boy! One of my favorite friends in the world became a mom last year and it has been a blast having her as part of my tribe. I like to keep it real and she does too and her friendship has been life giving to me in these trenches. Also, she lets me hold her baby and he’s real cute so that’s an added bonus.

Whenever the meal train comes around for new mama friends I always have the BEST intentions of signing up to help, but since having my own second kid I can’t seem to get my meal prep act together, so instead of bringing food I’ve been bringing my camera instead. So just know, if you know me IRL, I might sign up on the calendar but you’ll need to bring the cheese (wow, dad joke game STRONG). This day was especially fun because Zeke decided to come early the day before his baby shower, so I was totally free since I was supposed to see his mom anyway. Such a smart little guy. If people were throwing a party (with presents) in my honor, I’d want to be there too.

For starters, they had the most amazing light in her recovery room which made my job super easy. I realized I’d never actually shot anything at this hospital during the day before so that was such a special treat!

I loved being able to capture every detail of the first few days with a newborn. Latch, keep babe awake, pump, bottle feed, skin to skin, diaper change– and write it all down! It brought me immediately back to newborn days with my son– those hospital days were a blur with all the feeding and newborn shenanigans when you need like seventeen hands to get them latched. And then they pop off. Because #newborns.

Zeke was frank breech in utero, I loved seeing his little Buddah sit! Babies often keep their favorite womb position for the first few days after birth and you can see how he liked to sit in lotus pose. and stretch his legs out. Cutie.

Can you even with the little back rolls? He was born just a week before he was considered full term but had the rolls to prove he was ready for his birth day! Welcome to the world, bud. We are so glad you are here!

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