Emelyn at Home | Newborn

They are teeny tiny and squishy. For like five minutes! Five minutes! A few weeks after Emelyn was born and they were all settled in their new home (oh yeah, they had a baby and moved like in the same week like total rockstars) I got to stop by and see the new digs and take some sweet family photos in their new space. It was so sweet seeing them in their element, and when your clients are also photographers they make sure to set up the best light for “baby in a basket” photos. Emelyn totally nailed it, and slept like the beautiful floral baby burrito she is.

20180616_Emelyn Newborn0220180616_Emelyn Newborn1520180616_Emelyn Newborn2420180616_Emelyn Newborn5920180616_Emelyn Newborn7020180616_Emelyn Newborn8220180616_Emelyn Newborn8320180616_Emelyn Newborn8620180616_Emelyn Newborn9620180616_Emelyn Newborn10320180616_Emelyn Newborn10720180616_Emelyn Newborn11320180616_Emelyn Newborn11920180616_Emelyn Newborn12220180616_Emelyn Newborn12720180616_Emelyn Newborn12820180616_Emelyn Newborn13020180616_Emelyn Newborn139

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