Emelyn + Cayden // Fresh 48

This sweet little fresh 48 brings me to tears every time. Every dang time. I met sweet Cayden not long after he acquired the greatest bonus mom ever– my friend Katie that I grew up with. She is just golden, inside and out. An incredible friend, wife, mom, photographer… and it was so special watching her step into the role as his stepmom years ago, so watching her introduce him to his baby sister was so sweet, I was pretty weepy. I am constantly overwhelmed and honored and humbled that I get invited to these moments.

Originally the plan was for me to document Emelyn’s birth, but as we know, births RARELY go according to plan, so I came the next morning as soon as I could to snap a few fresh photos. We were able to time it perfectly to when Cayden came to meet her and his reaction is just one of my favorites ever. His whole face just lit up as soon as he walked into the room. The age difference makes it so sweet. Toddler siblings don’t usually grasp the weight of what this little person means, but Cayden teared up a little when he saw her… he knew exactly that everything changed and his world was about get a little louder and so much sweeter.

20180522_Emelyn0120180522_Emelyn0320180522_Emelyn07 (1)20180522_Emelyn0720180522_Emelyn1120180522_Emelyn1320180522_Emelyn1420180522_Emelyn2020180522_Emelyn2320180522_Emelyn2720180522_Emelyn29 (1)20180522_Emelyn2920180522_Emelyn3320180522_Emelyn39

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