Last 90 Days

I have been stubbornly putting off reading Rachel Hollis’ recently released and overwhelming loved book Girl Wash Your Face, but I did listen to her podcast interview with Jen Hatmaker several months ago and it made me laugh so hard I tinkled a little.

Rachel has this whole movement thing that she does called the Last 90 Days where you go into the last quarter of the year busting it instead of slipping into comfortable and not so great habits because “it’s the holidays”. Man, it feels good to not be alone. I am all about indulging because of “the holidays”. I am here for the Last 90 Days. Here for it!

Several of my real life friends mentioned doing it and then on the eve of October 1st I had two emails and a random text from somebody about it so enough was enough. Loud and clear. I am buying in. She’s got her five to thrive below which I love. Today is October 1st, and I did wake up before my alarm but I went back to sleep. I’ve been fighting sickness for the past week or so and I ended up sleeping an extra four hours (Marshall was home!) that I really, really, really, needed.


I haven’t set up my new bullet journal yet so I’m putting my gratitude here:

  1. Smart Water. I go from SO thirsty to needing to pee so fast because of this water and it’s amazing hydrating powers. Thank you Smart water.
  2. Marshall’s commitment to finishing our freaking kitchen. This thing has been a work in progress for months. MONTHS. I haven’t been super kind about it (I really hate the limbo stage of DIY renovations and it’s gone on forever) but he is ON IT and working so hard so late in the evenings and all day long and it’s really coming together to something beautiful. I can’t wait to share more photos of it. Estimated time of completion is FRIDAY so I am clinging to hope that is the case.
  3. Clear skin. I’m getting a few itchy and painful spots of eczema back and I am shocked at really how painful it is. I had such intense nerve damage and weirdness from it that I really blocked the sensations out, so I’m really grateful to be so much better.
  4. A great day with Lincoln. Three years old has not been my favorite age. Tantrums, attitude, crazy power struggles… it’s been wonderful but it’s been HARD. He’s in the process of dropping nap (he’ll be four in December) so he’s adjusting to being awake for an entire day and it’s not been super smooth every day. Today was one of the best days we’ve had in a while though. He watched a fair amount of TV while I slept and Marshall worked on the kitchen but after lunch he played Legos by himself for like an hour, then came downstairs and played trains and colored and drew, and he was totally happy. He was very pleasant and polite, and thanked us for dinner and for listening to him (that is my favorite thing… “Mommy thank you for listening to me.”) and it was a nice break from the normal three and a half douche nozzle behavior. Thankful for that.
  5. Emmeline is talking. It equal parts breaks my heart and sets my soul on fire! She loves to be able to communicate and tell me what she wants, and says the most adorable things now like “hold you”, “Ah too” (Paw Patrol) and  her favorite, “eat”. She is saying her name super clearly and we can’t get enough.
  6. Energy! I’ve had a cold for over a week now and today I got some energy back and am not coughing as much. I had enough wits about me to clean up (step 1 in me feeling back in control somewhat over my life) and did a few loads of laundry. Feeling so thankful to not be coughing and peeing my pants 100x a day.
  7. Fun mom friends. The last few weeks I’ve had fun times hanging out with some mom pals with kiddos my age. It’s been so fun seeing all their little friendships blossom and to spend time together and goof off with mom pals. Tomorrow I am meeting a mom friend (maybe 2) at yoga and then having lunch at our house. So simple, but seriously a morning of my dreams.
  8. Budget meetings and date night. Tonight we squeezed in a “budget meeting” before bed and talked about expenses for the month and we even planned a DATE NIGHT. I am beyond excited.
  9. Man, Rachel Hollis! I listened to one of her motivational videos yesterday? Today? and she talked about the fear of failure and how it holds people back. She says success is actually built past failures, and the difference is you’re standing on top instead of buried at the bottom. DAYUM. I have had a lot of fear lately regarding the future of this blog, my photography business, etc. and she’s right! She’s SO FREAKING RIGHT. I’ve learned something from every failure so far, so what’s the worst that can happen? I’ll learn something? Let’s freaking go.
  10. My photo/video team at church. We have this little group chat and today especially the convo was so great. They are such an amazing group of people, I find it to be so amazing that we are all united at this moment in time for the job that we have. Such a joy. They just light up my life!

So I’m working on some good habits that I’ve been working on all year. More vegetables, less sugar. No (NO) gluten, minimal dairy. More rest, less sickness. More discipline, less feeling like it. Getting up early, going to bed early. Investing in what God has put around me, not putting more things around me to invest in.

Last 90 days. LET’S GO!

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