Hey remember that time…

Remember when I said I was going to blog 100 days in a row? And then after one week I got behind? And then two days after that I just stopped completely because life.

It’s been REAL busy around here but we are turning a corner… things are slowing down, priorities are shifting, the vision is becoming clearer. 

Early in July we roadtripped to Tennessee to see Marshall’s family because his grandmother passed away suddenly. We attended a memorial service and then spent the weekend visiting with aunts, uncles and cousins watching home movies and chasing the baby around. It was a sad time, but it was a great time. My favorite memories as a kid were being at my grandma’s house at Christmas or Thanksgiving when all 5 of my mom’s siblings were there with their kids. It was just the craziest of times but so much fun. People and food everywhere, kids running around getting into trouble… it was just the best. Friends are special, but cousins are just a special kind of special.

I was watching the home videos of Marshall’s (and my) Grandma Joy, the sweet woman we named our little girl after and it hit me. At the end of my life I want to have lived a long life with many, many, many, many, many, many memories of a house full of my people. My kids, my kids’ kids, their significant others… when I’m 70 none of my family is going to care what I posted on Instagram or Facebook, or how successful my blog or business was or wasn’t, what they’ll care about is what I poured my life into. So Kellie, what are you pouring your life into? Working all the time for what?

Suddenly I just have this urgency to spend all of my days in the best possible way in the way that matters most to me. I want to spend every moment soaking up every detail of this celestial calling I’ve found myself in. I can’t believe that it’s already been three and a half years since we brought the biggest one home. Four of eighteen summers is underway– and I’m in it to bring it home, too.


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