Friday Introductions: Hey, it’s Kellie.


I have a little “about” page but it’s FRIDAY! So here’s a somewhat “fast five” about me.

  • I have been blogging since 2007, which is INSANE! Note that I didn’t say that I’ve been blogging everyday, or consistently, or am making money by blogging… it’s just something that I’ve kept somewhat constant through all the life seasons. I actually hate actual journaling or scrapbooking so this has been a fun outlet for me. No rules, just fun, and just Kellie-ness. This WordPress situation has been so fun to see come together… Imported all the posts from all my blogs that I’ve had over the past decade into one place so the gang’s all here! If you ever get bored and want read what 19 year old Kellie was doing in Spain in 2007 (that time I fell down the stairs and thought I broke my arm…) or what 24 year old newlywed Kellie was thinking, or what 27 year old new mom Kellie was raving about–IT’S ALL HERE.
  • I don’t really like labeling myself or my profession. I just feel tied down and smothered and I need to be FREE from expectations. I have recently learned that I am most likely an Enneagram 4 Wing 3 (WHERE MY TYPOLOGY NERDS AT?/I thought I was so unique I can’t believe I am actually one of nine types) and this obsessive compulsion I have to be an individual makes so much sense now. So we’ll just say that I am a “freelancer”. I freelance a lot of things… teaching Spanish, taking photos, picking up groceries, changing diapers. I relish in the freedom of that title, in that it doesn’t not have an expected outcome but I also rest in the boundary of having a definition of what I do. Just so very “four” of me.
  • Photography wise, my passion is birth photography. Without a doubt. I am in the process of building a framework for a realistic way to make this my full time gig, so if you are pregnant or you have a friend that’s pregnant and looking for birth coverage I have a deal for you. I am empathetic by nature and birth is one of the most powerful things I have experienced and witnessed on this earth and I feel that I have been called to serve families in the days and weeks leading up to their baby’s Birth Day. You can read more on my “Birth Days” page above!
  • I love my church. I did not love church for a VERY long time. It always felt kind of dead, like an obligation and filled with lots of “shoulds”.  I became a Christian in the 6th grade — I encountered Jesus in an undeniable way and that was the beginning of a lifelong journey of discovering him and my faith in a REAL and RELEVANT way. For years, I was looking to the church to be something I was lacking. I was looking for community, unity, diversity, authenticity and excellence and I was disappointed for years. And then we visited Elevation Church in Raleigh. Over several months I realized that that thing I was lacking was JESUS and that I couldn’t always lean on the church to meet all my needs– Jesus would meet all my needs. Through Elevation we have SEEN people raised to live in Christ and God move in and through us and others regularly– miracles every single day. It’s incredible to be a part and to witness such a refreshing move of God through a church that is AUTHENTIC. If you’re not local to one of the seventeen locations, definitely tune in online and catch the sermon and be a part of eFam. What we get to be apart of is INCREDIBLE!
  • I have had eczema for my WHOLE LIFE until I started a new miracle drug in February and I am basically flare-free. I’m not eating 100% paleo anymore but mostly gluten and dairy free (mostly…) and I cannot imagine what life would be like right now with two kids if I had never tried Dupixent. To read more about that journey click here! And here for 10 days in! And here for my postpartum eczema story in 2015!

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