Katie | Ayr Mount Maternity


Watching this sweet friend become a mama has been the greatest joy! Katie and I go way back to the days of Girl Scouts, high school English group projects and most recently, bridesmaid duties. When she got married and became a (step) mama to Cayden, it was so incredible watching her step into that role and own it! I did some photos of the two of them a few years ago and blogged it back in my Tumblr days, and she is still just as gorgeous as ever.

They welcomed sweet Emmie a few weeks ago and this coming Saturday morning I get the complete pleasure of documenting some of the sweet newborn snuggles at their new (!) home and I cannot wait.

It is such an honor to tell these stories! That baby girl is so treasured and prayed for. Miracles happen every day— they really do!

Probably my favorite part of this session was the big beautiful tree. If you’ve ever seen a placenta (if you haven’t, you probably can’t believe I just dropped that word in here like normal– I take a picture of it at each birth so I can show it to you, if you want) you’ll know that the veins leading to the cord are an undeniable tree and branches. It’s truly incredible to see a perfect picture of nature in such an intimate place. The placenta acts as a filter, getting nutrients and oxygen to baby while they grow, and trees do the same for us. Brilliant design. So, brilliant! I just love the image of baby growing with that big tall tree.

Stick around for more of Katie and Emmie’s story… it’s a great one. They are an incredible duo and have the sweetest boys in their life. Mamahood looks so good on you, Katie!

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