Friday Favorites: Parenting Podcasts


I freaking love talk radio. Like A LOT. Both jobs I had before I was working from home I had almost an hour commute each day and I loved it. It wasn’t until the end of my commuting life that I got into podcasts, but man, I love them. You can pick the content and you can skip the commercials. A talk radio junkie’s dream come true! Like two and a half years ago I shared my favorite podcasts and there’s a few that have remained favorites but I’ve added quite a few to the queue. As always, I am looking for new awesome podcasts so let me know what you’re listening to! Today’s post is about the parenting podcasts– I don’t listen to many of them, but I have found a few that I truly look forward to!

  • God Centered Mom Podcast
    • In general, I am usually very skeptical of things made BY Christians FOR Christians, because let’s be real, a lot of times the products are out of touch and the content isn’t always very good (Case in point, the Christian film: Sunday School Musical. This was a real movie, guys.) This podcast is neither of those things! It’s so real, authentic, deep and wildly practical. Like most podcasts, she’s interviewing entrepreneurs or authors so at times it feels a little salesy, but she did a series in the past year that rocked me to my core. “Well Lopsided” was incredibly well done, I had to listen to it several times to really get it, but it was so freeing and so inspiring.
  • Respectful Parenting
    • Oh hey Janet Lansbury, you’re a genius. The phrase “I will not let you _____.” is literally the only phrase that my three year old responds to when he’s wearing his turd hat. This is a short and sweet compilation of wisdom nuggets from the Baby/Toddler whisperer herself, and I think sometimes she’s a little bit farther out into the crunchy realm where I comfortably go, but she’s truly brilliant and has an episode for almost everything. And they are short! Like you can listen to the whole thing on your way to the grocery store and back. She saved us when Lincoln got up and down from the dinner table 2898134038209423 times during a meal, and now he just sits, eats and gets up when he’s done. All because of Janet. Janet, we love you. And your podcast!
  • Parent Cue Live
    • This one is relatively new to me, and in conjunction with the Parent Cue app is an absolute gut punch. The app is a companion to the Orange Kids Ministry so it syncs up with the curriculum and what they are learning at church and gives you some tips on what to talk to your kid about. It also tells you how many weeks you have left until your kid graduates from high school. Gut. Punch. The podcast is so great though! It is faith based, and they offer really interesting perspectives on parenting through all the stages– not just the baby/preschooler stage. I definitely recommend!
  • Honorable mention (aka: not parenting podcasts, but I’m a parent and they help me)
    • Elevation Church with Steven Furtick
    • For the Love with Jen Hatmaker
    • Happier with Gretchen Rubin

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