June 2018 Goals

20180607_May Everyday01


Once upon a time I decided February 1st would become my January 1st, and then not long after that it became March 1st, then April 1st and HERE WE ARE! June 1st was my January 1st! I think I finally have my bearings after having my daughter a year ago. Maybe? A little bit? Now that we’ve left the magical little baby stage behind and the kids are a little bit bigger and a little (read: VERY LITTLE) more predictable, I am building some new rhythms for myself as a working at home mama of two.

Monthly goals! I actually think it’s been a full twelve months since I’ve blogged my goals, and it took me several months, but I just wrapped up the Powersheets from Cultivate What Matters and I am fired up. The entire premise of the Powersheets is “where do you want your life to be when you’re 80? Does this goal help you get there? If not, move on. If so– cultivate it.” Truly an incredibly fresh outlook on goal setting.

  • Finish the spring semester strong!  Actually this was wrapped up as of Tuesday at midnight, but I still wanted to include it. A MAJOR VICTORY! Although I felt like I was limping over the finish line, I FINISHED. 
  • Finish designing 2017 Chatbook
  • Order the 2016 Leap Year, 2017 Family and Emmeline Grows Chatbooks
  • 1:1 meetings with my RAL photo team members
  • Plan July RDU Creative Team Night w/
  • Shoot at least 5 Love Week Events!
  • Continue the 100 Days of Blogging
  • Get to the Y 3x a week (yoga, total body and THE POOL)
  • Drink a glass of water first thing in the morning before I do anything else
  • Strong start to my online summer session!
  • Cultivate morning routine: drink water, kiss Marshall, create (write or read)

This is going to be an awesome summer. I CAN FEEL IT! Let’s go!

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