100 Days of Blogging

20180510_May Everyday215It’s summer break! And by ‘summer break’ I mean, the first of about 10 days that I have off before my summer class starts. Let the good times roll!

I’ve been wanting to get back into writing, because truthfully: I love it. It is my first love, true and true, and also my instagram handle is “kellieblogs” and I haven’t blogged in a hot minute. I constantly have words bubbling inside me and occasionally they boil over into halfway finished blog posts in the Notes app on my phone, but it’s time I keep going. Instead of spending my days wondering if I should just change my Insta Handle, I’m gonna take those minutes and just write something down. It doesn’t have to be anything good, just gonna write it down. I know that’s probably very exciting for all of you readers. Mediocre content, yay!  Ha!

My friend Lauren sent me this back in April and I LOLed. The 100 Day Project. There was NO WAY I could add that to my to do lists of life at the time, but it has hung with me and I have loved seeing her 100 Days of Painting on her instagram. After much going back and forth, I decided I’m doing it. No, it’s not April 3rd, but it’s a good day to start.

One post every day between now and September 13. LET’S GET GOING!



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