A Social Media Elimination Diet


About 10 days left of my social media break and I am loving it. Loving it, I say!

I didn’t realize how noisy it was in my head until it was quiet. And I like the quiet.

If you’re just tuning in– I just decided to quit social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter) cold turkey for the month of February for a myriad of reasons that I have not fully shared. Ultimately: best thing I’ve done in a while. 

I didn’t realize how second nature and mindless the scroll and read had become until I didn’t have anywhere to scroll and read. My first instinct was to replace it with something else, and I did for a while. Websites, articles and a dumb game on my phone while I fed the baby or killed time and then I started testing out this thing called nothing. I’d sit in silence and just think. Or pray. Or just take it all in. The sights, sounds and feels of the moment. I realized that by taking photos constantly, uploading them and sharing them, I was desperately trying to save them for later. I was procrastinating on the moment. What if I just used both my eyes, both my thumbs by my side and just see the moment and live it fully? Isn’t that kind of the same as keeping it? There have been a few sweet brother sister embraces, funny things seen out and about, and pretty meals that have remained undocumented and I guess I’ll be okay.

So, the verdict is, that much like gluten, dairy and refined sugar, I can tolerate Facebook, Instagram and Etcetera in extreme moderation. They are otherwise extremely harmful to my heart, soul and mind flora. I have no idea how I am going to go about reintroducing these things back into my life, but I will, I’m sure. Probably fail miserably like The Whole 24 of 2012 (day 25 held a dessert buffet) but I am definitely learning a ton. Also, I’ve done some fun things in addition to keeping my family somewhat alive and well during a few weeks of back to back sickness.

  • Started listening to audio books (completed two!)
  • rekindled the love of some music — The Temper Trap, older Elevation Worship, Veggie Tales…to name a few.
  • learned how to play a few chords and songs on the Ukulele
  • Had some serious fun with my kids, including an all day pajama party that took a midday field trip to Whole Foods (during which Lincoln peed his pants, but YOLO)
  • watched almost all of Parks and Recreation and developed a weird love obsession for Amy Poehler (just finished her audio book “Yes Please” today, actually…) and learned way too much about her life.
  • completed almost all of the prep work for my Powersheets (Haven’t you heard?! March 1st is the new September 1st (new January 1st)).
  • blogged…. a lot.

All in all– do it. A social media break. You will not regret it!


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