October Gizzoals

20170923_September Every Day121

You know how they say September 1st is the new January 1st? Well October 1st (okay, 2nd) is the new September 1st (new January 1st) for working moms of two small kids named Kellie.


So here’s my goals for the month:

  • Whole 30. I am obnoxiously posting this on the internet for accountability. Normally I’m pretty private about stuff like this, but I’ve been halfheartedly trying to eat totally paleo for the past five months but kept falling face first into gluten free bagels with grassfed butter. So here we are. Follow me at @kellieblogs for the full scoop, meal and snack posts overload. Doing this for several reasons, but really I don’t need to justify to anyone why it’s a good idea to eat less (no) white crack sugar and more vegetables. But I’ll blog about it later this month.
  • Say no to some things, no matter how fun they look.
  • Establish some work rhythms. I’m still living day-to-day and really need to get some solid rhythms going and schedule out some batch task days.
  • walk two days a week outside in the fall air
  • work out at least once (yep, at least once in the whole month)
So here’s if I had a magic wand what I’d do this month:
  • make my eczema go away
  • make Emmeline sleep through the night and nap during the day
  • schedule all my announcements for the rest of the semester
  • make all my students and parents join my Remind group and message me only there so I only have to check one thing
  • tolerate dairy (namely in the form of cheesecake)
  • fold all my clothes
  • put all my clothes away
  • wish for more wishes, etc.
Y’all I freaking love October. Let’s do this! My last month of my 20s! Hooray!

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