Water Wipes: A Love Story

Disclaimer: I received Water Wipes for free to review from Influenster, which is awesome because we use and love them already! As always, all stories, thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own. 

Diapering and wiping can be surprisingly complicated. I used to think it was just like, the baby needed a diaper change, and you just changed it. The amount of options out there for all the things can be very overwhelming and it totally was for me as a first time mom. This time around I feel a bit more prepared and knowledgable about what works for us after 2.5 years of diapering experience, but that first time around, I was as clueless as they came and wasn’t sure which natural or sensitive skin products would really work for us.

Before Lincoln was born, I wanted to stock up on diapers and wipes but knowing my own sensitive skin and lifelong battle with eczema I was hesitant to pick any sort of brand to stock up on in case he came out like me. Well, he totally did come out like me and at a few weeks old he had a terrible rash on his toosh and I took him to the pediatrician feeling totally helpless. We had been using the diapers and wipes given to us by the hospital and the pediatrician straight up told us NOT to use them, and that they were the worst for newborns, especially sensitive skinned ones. Awesome. Thanks for nothing, hospital.

We tried all the conventional diaper rash treatments and finally found a combo that worked for us and it has constantly evolved since. From that moment on though, I was set that I would be the most careful about what products I used on my babe’s precious bum.

Fast forward two years and quite a bit of trial and error we have found a combo of diapering products that:

  1. keep his now-toddler-toosh rash free
  2. are affordable and don’t break the bank! 

One of these products is Water Wipes! We love these things. So, not only are they approved by and have the stamp of approval of the National Eczema Association, they are THE ONLY chemical free wipe on the market. They literally contain water and a smidge of grapefruit seed extract.

Lincoln had a small eczema flare on his face around the holidays and we couldn’t figure out what was causing it, and then one day at preschool I saw that the kids were given Pampers wipes to wipe their hands and faces after lunch and snack. I brought in a pack of Water Wipes and asked for them to use those instead for him (his teacher is so amazing and accommodating!) and within a week it was totally gone and we haven’t had any issue since.

These wipes are awesome for hands, faces, feet, tooshies and for moms too. I still struggle with hand eczema and it is painful for me to use regular soap and water sometimes so I keep a pack of these in my purse so even when I’m solo I can use them to wipe my hands.

Like all things with us and parenting, we are not 100% exclusive users of Water Wipes. We always try to keep some Water Wipes in the diaper bag and the car, though, so we have a safe option for messy faces or runny noses– safe meaning that it won’t cause an eczema flare. At home we try to use a wet paper towel or washcloth for hands and faces, and reserve these for lil’ diaper changes out and about. We also use Aldi wipes regularly for the not so small diaper messes at home (because sometimes you need like 27 wipes), as well as Honest Company and Seventh Generation as they are sometimes easy to find on sale or with stackable deals or rebates at Target which lend towards the more natural side. While we love these things, they probably are the most expensive wipes out there but if you keep an eye on Target deals and Amazon pricing and aren’t afraid to stock up when a deal presents itself, you can keep a good supply of them for 10 cents or less per wipe!

I received a travel pack of Water Wipes for free from Influenster to use and review and I l o v e the travel size. I don’t usually carry the big diaper bag everywhere, I usually YOLO and leave it in the car. I really like being able to throw one diaper and a travel pack of wipes in my purse for quick errands out and about! I usually just grab a few and keep them in a zip-loc, but these felt so fancy in their little package! Definitely worth stocking up on the travel size if you find a good deal.

Check out Water Wipes on Amazon, here! Happy wiping 🙂


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