Our Everyday Photos: March 2017

I didn’t take really any other personal photos in March, once second trimester energy left me I was just making it, ya know? Right at the end of the month I had borrowed my friend’s 50mm 1.4 for a student event at church and used it the next day to take some pictures of my boys on our evening walk. The timing, of course, ended up being impeccable because my camera would die the following week (all the tears, all the tears) so at the time I had no idea these would be our last real camera personal photos before baby sister comes. I love them though, so much. So much of what I’m loving (and am frustrated by) about this age with Lincoln is here… he’s starting to assert himself with what he wears (shoes, clothes, hats, etc) and to scare me to death by donning his Batman boots and then climbing… everything. He dances and sings constantly, so much so that we are EXCITEDLY going to start some toddler music classes this summer. The kid loves music (and we do too!) so it is a thrill to see him just singing and dancing all day. Making up his own songs about stuff (Dada’s truck! Mama’s eating eggs!) and dancing everywhere. He totally gets comedic timing and it is the greatest. He also has many a meltdown over random things. It happens, sometimes they end quickly. Sometimes they end… not so quickly. Big feelings for a big kid. 
I want to remember… everything. Like always. Marshall was on track out for most of the month so we got so much one on one family time, it was so great. I got a lot of extra rest and sleep, Lincoln got a lot of extra daddy time, daylight’s savings gave us longer light in the evenings which means daily walks after dinner (to also get baby in the right position and to get ready for labor). Somehow when I was away working (or sleeping) and Marshall was in charge of Lincoln Duty, he still managed to build us an amazing dining room table and make major headway on an amazing island to come this fall for our kitchen. 

Man oh man, loving these photos so much. Loving this season. Loving this life. So thankful. So so so thankful. I will be thankful every day, I will not take it for granted. Not a second!

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