Right Now: 38.5 weeks

Right now we’re guessing…  38 weeks and 4ish days. 

Right now I’m feeling pregnant in that… Ginormous belly, super sleepy, ravenous, peepee all day. 

Visited the midwife on Tuesday– girly is still head down, I’ve only gained .6 of ONE POUND since 36 weeks (yeah, I went to Chipotle AND Panera after that appointment and ate a lot), and now we just wait. Bag is packed, “Go Time” list is on the fridge with who to call and in what order to make sure all our dogs/toddlers/stuff is handled. My next appointment isn’t until May 4th (40 weeks 3 days), so really just…waiting. Also, I’ve reached the point in pregnancy where my appearance is alarming to people. Constantly offering me chairs and water and sympathetic looks– which is sweet! But, in all honesty, I’d rather just not be noticeable. 🙂 It would be nice to run my errands and do my life and not have strangers talk to me constantly and ask me how I’m feeling. Although, I am glad that dumb giraffe had her baby. I was tired of giraffe small talk. Do I sound really grumpy? I’m not that grumpy. I’m really not. 

Anywho, operating under the assumption that this our last pregnancy and this is the last time I’ll be this big, this pregnant, this everything… and it is helping my perspective. Trying to enjoy it and take every day as it comes and stop overanalyzing every twinge. We already know we’re having a girl, we know she’ll be here AT LEAST before May 14th (that will be 42 weeks at which point an induction or c-section would be performed) so there aren’t many surprises left– adjusting my perspective to enjoy it when it comes! Maybe we’ll have the big dramatic water breaking in public thing (although that wouldn’t help with the whole being alarming/noticeable thing). Although, I’m hopeful it will come on quickly and without doubt! Praying for a clear LABOR IS STARTING sign– and that we have enough time to get everybody where they need to be before she comes. I’m looking forward to laboring in the tub at the birth center. 

Right now I’m eating… paleoish to the max! I’ve had some dairy (mostly in the form of cheese and sour cream at Chipotle in the past two weeks) and I had a regular person burrito at Moe’s because I needed it (I really did– the steak and beans + rice were perfection). Really just trying to be honest with myself at this point– gluten and dairy don’t make me feel great. I usually get congested in my nose and it gives me a belly ache on some level, so it’s a lot easier for me to decipher “Is this a contraction?” if I take out the gluten/dairy factor. Also, congestion in my nose + giant baby in my abdomen squishing my lungs = instant anxiety about being able to breathe. So trying to love In Labor Kellie of the Future by not indulging and falling face first into a pizza. Because I’d kill a whole pizza. But I would also feel… terrible. 

Also, the almonds have forgiven me! After a stomach bug (that really just made me nauseous for 48 hours) right after Christmas 2015 I have had a very intense aversion to almond milk and almond butter (and rosemary…). Literally in the past month I cannot eat enough almond butter and I am craving almond milk like a weirdo. It only took 1.5 years, but yay. 

Right now I’m loving…  sleep. I pretty much have to nap every day to stay alive. Sleeping pretty great at night (once I fall asleep) only getting up once to pee usually. Also, we set up a fan in our bedroom and I love that. The first night we used it I slept until 8:30am. I don’t think Lincoln did, but I didn’t hear him AT ALL. The best sleep of my life. 

Right now, like last time… I don’t have a lot of clothes to wear. Also, my undies are too small.

Right now, this is different than last time in that…  I am feeling awesome and am not really anxious about birth/what is to come. 

Right now I’m looking forward to…  just knowing when she’s coming 🙂 I know it’s impossible to know, but there are A LOT of fun things in the next two weeks that I want to go to, and it would be nice to just know. Also, looking forward to knowing her temperament, how hard it’s going to be with two kids when I’m solo. We’ve talked about some trips this summer and some weekend trips for Marshall to go play bass and I am so hesitant to give him the green light, not knowing if I’ll be a complete basket case with both kids overnight by myself. Looking forward to a time where everything isn’t so “unknown”, I guess. 

Right now I’m reading… Ummmmm…..nothing. Finishing up Mrs. Betterhalf study today, actually. I should figure out what to read next. 

Right now I’m wearing…  the ultimate capsule wardrobe. I have one pair of maternity shorts, one black maxi skirt, one colorful maxi skirt and like 4 shirts and 4 dresses that are suitable for wearing in public. I have a couple of oversized tees and one pair of gym shorts that I wear at night for sleeping. I’m actually totally cool with my lack of options, and I’ve MISPLACED(!??!) my black Lularoe leggings which bums me out. They totally still fit. 

Right now I’m watching… Marshall and I are watching Prison Break on Netflix, and when I’m working or solo I’m re-watching White Collar (again), and Season 6 of New Girl. In this moment Lincoln and I are watching Trolls. I think he’s growth spurting, kinda sleepy, kinda grumpy, eating everything in sight. So we went to the Redbox. 

Right now I’m listening to… Listened to a bunch of The Birth Hour podcast, but then I got kinda freaked out about labor so I stopped listening. It was encouraging, but hearing this one lady talk over and over and over and over about how awful her labor was was…. not encouraging.

Right now kinda nervous about…  right now? No nerves really! Work is under control, we have lists, bags packed, freezer stocked, plans A B and C for what to do with Lincoln depending on what time of day it is and who is in or out of town/at work. We are as ready as we can be. I also don’t really have this need to have everything perfect because we aren’t going to be away from home for a long time. Less than a day, really… and while it would be nice to have everything hanging on her walls, it’s not really vital to us bringing her home. I may be not remembering correctly, but I know I’ll be in the bed resting a lot of the time, but I also feel like with the Solly Wrap I can still move around the house comfortably toting her around to finish up anything/play with Lincoln/cook/etc. 

Right now celebrating…  I got a new camera. I am so happy. Marshall found a Mark ii for $800 on Amazon marketplace with fewer actuations than mine that died a couple weeks ago. Canon had quoted around $600 for a repair of mine, and this one is in way better shape and has less wear. We are still on track to pay off my student loans this summer, just no big payment this month which is totally fine. I wanted to be cool and not be a brat and wait a little bit for a new camera, but every time I talked about how I was sad to bring Emmeline home with no camera and I would be legitimately surprised that I would burst into tears talking about it. This turned out to be a happy compromise and having my camera the past 24 hours has been THE BEST. Especially since it doesn’t really cause us any financial hardship, and not postponing our debt goal. Not sure why we didn’t think of it sooner…. I was kind of having an identity crisis about what kind of camera to upgrade to, but honestly spending more than $1000 on anything felt like too much pressure. I want this to be our family camera that I can carry around with kids and stuff, not something I am too scared to touch or take with us. So feeling very very very thankful! Like exploding grateful. Also now that this is settled I made travel plans to go to Indiana this summer for a quick day trip (!) to do some family photos for dear friends, in June I’ll take some photos at another friend’s little girl’s first birthday party, and just having it to take video and photos of Emmeline’s first days will be super special. Thankful for these little tools. 

PS: I totally sat outside at Starbucks and self timered like a total cool kid. Dat belly tho. 

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