Our Everyday Photos: February 2017

February was fun. Just a “normal” month in our days and routines. Our weeks had become really predictable with no track out or winter weather. I’m learning that seasons come and go quickly, and everything is fluid, always changing so I’m trying to adjust my perspective and enjoy the predictability of a “schedule” while it lasts (it will be gone oh so soon with a new baby en route!). To save a little money and because of some changes in my work flow, we stopped having a Monday babysitter (bittersweet for sure) but we enjoyed having some extra fun Mama +  Lincoln time. Mondays we did something fun, Tuesday/Thursdays preschool days, Wednesdays became storytime and playdate days and Fridays were usually our Marbles day. We play in the mornings and then I work in the afternoons (and early early mornings). I want to remember the fun playdates, the bathtimes, and bedtime routines, the transition to the super bed (big kid bed! we upgraded to our king this month). Messy cheese puffs, our trip to Ikea, heart shaped paleo muffins on Valentine’s day, little long sleeved hoodies and button ups. Messy kitchens and messy faces. Man oh man, not taking having a camera or these photos for granted any longer, my friends. These are my favorite things. 

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