Easter at Elevation | 2017

It’s not just about numbers. However, the reality is that each number is made up of people, each person is a life, each life is a story. People’s lives are being changed every single weekend through our church. Constantly. It’s incredible to witness. Freedom happening everywhere you turn. 
89 people from our campus began walking in life with Jesus this weekend.

2,243 people were in attendance, packed out the auditorium for 5 different worship experiences. 

446 kids were in eKidz. 

2.5 years ago our campus was 20 people streaming Pastor Steven’s sermon over an iPad in someone’s house. 
This is not normal. This is incredible. And it’s so much more than just “going to church” or “being a good person” or “whatever other cliche you can put here about being in church”. This place, the words from Pastor Steven every Sunday truly inspire people to live their best lives, walking in life with Christ. 
There was a special video on Sunday about a couple that is on staff at one of the Charlotte locations, and she talked about how she had always known about Jesus and that it was more of a Believe-In-Him-So-You-Go-To-Heaven-When-You-Die sort of thing. She said it wasn’t until she started attending Elevation that she began to understand that we’re intended for life change earth side. Jesus changes us here and we experience it here, and he does miracles and changes lives, breaks chains, sets people free. It’s here, and it’s now and it’s happening. And it’s real
Personally, this weekend was incredible. We attended the Saturday night worship experience (and I had contractions through the whole thing– bringing me back full circle to Christmas Eve @ Elevation 2014 when I contracted through the whole thing with Lincoln and had a baby four days later). I woke up super duper early for my last Sunday to serve before Emmeline comes and spent the morning shooting as best as I could with a borrowed camera and lenses (because I sold my spare and then my camera died two weeks later) and with the craziest Braxton Hicks contractions that were totally keeping me from really actually focusing on anything. I ended up scooting out early and only shooting a fraction of the day because I couldn’t focus on anything except the fully cooked baby belly and needed to sleep a bit. Hanging out and shooting with my team though, was the greatest thing ever. Those people make me laugh, inspire me and love me like no other. True family, for real. 

It’s not about me, none of this is about me, but being there days away from delivering my second baby, taking pictures of the most incredible moments of people’s lives where they are experiencing God, some for the very first time, doing what I love to do around people that I love and love me like their own family was just the biggest soul hug. Our Father is so faithful, and so sweet and so attentive to the details of our hearts and our lives. Sometimes I still can’t believe that I get to be a part of this. I will admit, I took my camera for granted. I took my gear for granted. I took it all for granted even though I didn’t mean to, but heading into this next season I’m not taking another moment of this opportunity for granted. Nope. Savoring, doing my very best, thanking God the whole way. I never would have imagined that I’d love getting up at 4am to serve at church all day long. Never, ever, ever. But it’s so worth it, it’s one of the greatest things I get to do earth side and I hope I get to do it for a long, long, long, long time. 

Find an Elevation Church location near you, watch sermons online and get connected here! 

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