A Letter to My Emmeline Joy

Hey, girl!

You are so funny already. This pregnancy has been so different than your brother’s in so many ways. First of all, I have felt awesome for most of it. You have had me craving really healthy foods, in general I’ve slept pretty well, and generally speaking, you haven’t sucked the energy out of me like your brother did for the full forty weeks (minor exception has been the past week or so and for a few weeks towards the beginning where all I did was sleep). I was kind of expecting to know what to expect this time around, but you have shown me all along that you are your own person and are going to do things your own way. I’m taking this as foreshadowing for what is to come.

For starter’s, I didn’t feel you kick and roll and punch until almost 25 weeks. Even then, it was very inconsistent, and so different from feeling your brother at 17 weeks. At times I forgot you were there (sorry, second child) until someone would mention my growing belly. oh yeah. this thing. she’s quiet… but it turns out you weren’t quiet at all and you’ve been flipping all around, jumping on your placenta trampoline since the beginning. Both times we saw you on an ultrasound you were just dancing, turning, flipping away and every time they use the doppler to find your heartbeat, or try to measure my belly they always remark how “active” you are. Just a few more weeks until we get to witness this action on the outside, and I’m not gonna lie– I’m equal parts excited and tired just thinking about what a firecracker you are going to be earth side. Here’s hoping you party and then enjoy your rest like the rest of us do. We are a pretty sleepy people when we aren’t partying.

You also love to sleep sideways, and like a starfish (like your mommy). The past few weeks your arms and legs have been all over the place and the other night I’m pretty sure you were practicing running all night long.

Your name is our favorite. Many years ago before your dad was officially my boyfriend, I was not paying attention in history class and saw your name, Emmeline, in a textbook (here she is!) and immediately thought “this will be my daughter’s name!”. One day after we had starting dating, we were sitting in his old Volvo talking about everything, probably soaking up every minute before our curfew. We were talking about if we got married and if we had kids, and what names we liked. I told him what your name would be and he loved it and it stuck. We kept it in mind all these years and obviously, didn’t need it with your brother, and the moment we found out you were a girl we looked at each other and both said, “So, Emmeline?”. And Emmeline it is. Joy is special too. First of all, you already have brought so much joy to our lives. This whole season of our growing to a family of four has been nothing but joyful, and we are so grateful. Secondly, your aunt Olivia’s middle name and your great-grandma’s first name is Joy, and we thought it would be so special for you to have it too. And it’s perfect for you, it really is. Recently, I read something a favorite author of mine wrote about how it’s through the hard seasons where God grows us, teaches us, and prunes us… and then the joy comes. You my dear, are my Joy for certain.

This brother of yours. You have a very special person in your life that no one else in the whole world has: Lincoln for a big brother. So this kid. He is kind of the greatest. And girl, he is so excited to meet you. Lately at least once a day he asks about you (Emmeline, coming?) and he is so proud to be your big brother already. You guys are going to have a lot of fun, I think. He currently gives my belly “pat pat’s” and hugs and kisses when he sees it. Occasionally tries to give you high fives, and sometimes kicks you when I tell him you’re kicking me (we’re uh, still working on that communicating in English thing). I can’t wait to see him hold you. Pretty sure my heart will explode. He talks about his baby sister all the time, and how if you cry he’ll tell you its ok. There is no other person in the whole world that would be a better brother to you, my girl. You are the luckiest!

So really, all I know about you so far is that you’re a little wild, you like it when I eat or drink anything, you like to dance when music is on, and sometimes you jump (!) for no apparent reason and it makes me laugh (or wakes me up and then not so laughy). You also do quite a bit of poking back if you’re poked, which I will never ever get used to. Feeling your little arms or legs or knee or elbow or whatever is just the coolest and weirdest thing. I am already thinking there will be gymnastics or dance classes in our future, you are definitely a mover.

Emmeline Joy, we can’t wait to meet you. You’ve got an estimated 2.5 weeks left to cook (holy cow! this flew by SO fast) and so basically we just have one thing for you to do: keep your noggin down and tuck those arms and legs in and come on over whenever.

We love you so and can’t wait to meet your squishy self. See you soon, love!


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