Lyla Kate | newborn

Earlier this winter I got to take maternity photos for my friend Jessica, and a few weeks ago she asked me to come over and take some newborn photos of sweet Lyla Kate. We were both thinking we’d swaddle her up tight and she’d sleep through them, but this little girl had other plans! She was way too excited and played with us the whole time! These baby girls. Such firecrackers. (Currently referring also to the one in my belly that has been swimming sideways for a few weeks and refuses to stay head down. Cartwheels. All. Day. Long.) 
Seriously though, this baby girl got me so excited for my own newborn days to come. So sweet and sleepy and exhausting, full of countless surprises, the cutest baby rolls and all the pink. Also, can we talk about LK’s amazing hair? And the belly button? The toes? The rolls? I’m dying a little. So sweet. 
Congrats to Jessica and Kevin on becoming parents– they are totally nailing it, in all the newborn sleepy stupor glory and all. 

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