March Goal Type Things

Y’all life is crazy busy. And this fun blog is the first thing to go when life gets busy. Between work, growing a human, wrangling the two year old human, shooting A LOT at church and for friends this month, getting a cold and sleeping a little extra… I’m behind. But I’m catching up today. So BLOGSPLOSION. Here are my goals for the (rest of) the month! I actually tweaked these since I originally wrote them the first week of the month because some of the stuff there’s NO WAY I’ll actually do it. So let’s be realistic, shall we? Set ourselves up for some success ūüėȬ†
  • continue¬†bullet journaling¬†
    • I love this thing. It’s the perfect planner for me and my brain.¬†
  • share some of our “minimalism” changes here on the blog
    • We are just getting started on our minimizing journey, it’s been a process getting us to this perspective, and we certainly aren’t “all in” or “all there” but the changes we’ve made so far have improved our quality of life TREMENDOUSLY (mine especially). Excited to share some of what we’ve learned so far.¬†
  • eat #moreveggiesinmarch¬†
    • Last year we did this with my pal Lauren and it was SO hard but so good and my goal last time was crazy. This time, I’d rather set a small goal and shred it everyday– I’m at that point in my life/pregnancy where I just want to feel good about myself and my choices. I’d rather eat 9 servings on a good day and 3 on a bad day and still end up meeting my goal. No shame.¬†
      • 3 servings a day, roughly one a meal.¬†
  • make “HOME STRETCH” to do lists¬†
    • There are literally hundreds of ¬†little things I need to do to prepare for this baby to come for work (eep). Make a massive work prep list and home prep list for logistics so I don’t forget anything!¬†
  • complete¬†Foto February Challenge¬†
    • and blog it, and finalize my changes for next year!
  • hit my “homestretch goals” every day
    • 4k steps a day
    • 2 liters of water a day
    • greens everyday¬†
    • “chill time” 30 minutes every day¬†
    • write scripture daily (memorizing Philippians 2:1-16 for my egroup! So far I’ve got 2:1-4 down, working on 5-7 today!)¬†

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