Foto February Week 1

I wasn’t super intentional last week about these photos, I just kept my camera out laying around which eventually turned into just taking 300 photos of Lincoln over the course of the week… which is… not a surprise. Planning out this week to hit a few more of these!

I started at the top of the list, but then we discovered that f/12 doesn’t exist (who knew? not me!) so changed it to f/11. The first of many things I shall learn this month, I am sure!

// Canon 5DMKII 50MM f/22 1/25 ISO 5000  // MOVEMENT challenge //
Took this early morning right in front of the window with bright morning light. Bumped ISO up to 5,000. After researching, shooting at higher f stops apparently quality of the image decreases so that + ISO at more than 2500 with my lil’ Mark ii is kinda icky. You can see quite a bit of noise.  Lincoln came and started eating the lunch I had packed and thought the movement was cool. In my head I want a picture in the playroom of him running around but will need a wider angle and my tripod for a slow enough shutter. I kept asking him to drive his car on the table to get a motion shot of that, but of course since I asked him to come closer he ran farther away. Also realized that standing on kitchen chair (7 months pregnant?!) sets a bad example for your toddler. It wasn’t five minutes later he climbed up in the chair and asked for his camera.

// Canon 5DMKII 50MM f/1.8 1/125 ISO 2500 // WATER challenge // 
Using my Canon 50mm 1.8 for this so it keeps the photo data. It’s currently the only Canon lens I have and all my Nikon ones register everything at 00 since I use an adaptor. Do not have the brain space to make mental notes or actual notes for photos at this point in my life. It’s kind of good practice for me to work on auto focus. I’m traditionally really annoyed by the slow focus of this lens and end up focusing manually. At some point this month I’m going to set my camera to back button focus, as I hear that can help lock it in. But I love this photo. I love shooting 1.8. I love these boys. I love my husband, he’s such a great daddy. I’m so tapped out when it gets to dinner/bed/bathtime and he just swoops right in after working all day and it is a wonder to me.

    • f/ highest a lens goes
    • f/11 (this week!) 
    • f/8
    • f/4
    • f/lowest gear allows (for me that’s 1.8!) 
    • SLOWEST it goes 
    • 1+ second shutter 
    • 1/30 shutter
    • 1/300 shutter
    • FASTEST it goes (this week!) 
  • ISO
    • ISO 400
    • ISO 800
    • ISO 1600
    • rim light
    • external light
    • flash
    • dawn or dusk light (this week!) 
    • nighttime 
    • self portrait
    • landscape 
    • animal portrait 
    • water
    • movement 

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