Us | A Snow Day

The snowy weather here in North Carolina was such an answer to prayer. We had a record short winter break in some districts (barely a week!) and, myself included, we needed more time. The holidays are always so busy and I was particularly craving down time with my boys before heading back into the hustle and bustle of regular life. We slept in, ate well, played tons of Monopoly Deal, played outside a total of 12 minutes through the entire winter weather event. Marshall started and finished our track out project (that we had procrastinated on) of painting mountains in the playroom. Gah. The mountains in the playroom. That man makes all my dreams come true…  
What I want to remember: guacamole beard. weird way he holds a fork. baby hands and eyelashes sleeping in the crib. toddler joy of swishy sounds while running around the house wearing snow bibs. making my boys hot chocolate (which neither of them liked, ha!). that cowlick. Lincoln loving my belly (‘baby gurrrl!’). finding my old point and shoot from high school (!) and discovering it still works. teaching Lincoln how to make it flash. being a little sick with a cold and Marshall letting me sleep so much. Lincoln walking/falling in the snow, waving and saying ‘hello!’ to our neighbors. Batman boots for the snow. Luna and Lobo loving being outside. 

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