Our Everyday Photos: Fall 2016

This fall was crazy! And awesome and wonderful and magical and special and it FLEW by. I found out I was pregnant the end of August and I was down for the count for most of September and October. If I wasn’t puking, I was trying not to puke and if I wasn’t doing either of those things I was asleep. It was a bit of a blur, but thanks to some nausea meds and a really patient then-one year old and his awesome dad we still made a few special fall memories. This year we made a little fun fall to-do list with some of our favorite fall experiences. I hate the feeling of realizing you missed it, you know? Like when a season (literal or figurative) comes to an end and you realize you wasted a lot of it thinking you had a lot of time. Time goes by so fast now with kids (SO FAST), and I’ve found entering each season (literal) intentionally is really helpful for me, and when it’s over I can celebrate the fun we had and welcome to the new one, instead of having regrets and wishing I had had a plan.

Some fall highlights:

Lincoln started preschool two days a week; picking out pumpkins at the Farmer’s Market; having our own little family Thanksgiving just the three of us; having two ultrasounds and seeing little baby bean and later MUCH larger baby bean; Lincoln immediately referring to our ultrasound pictures as “baby”; going to the State Fair with my best friends; hot apple cider; impromptu Lion, Tiger + Bear family Halloween costume and Lincoln’s first trick or treating; surviving our first (and hopefully last) Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease situation; Marshall played bass at the NC State Fair with Elevation Worship; Second Annual Tacosgiving with my sister and her family; decorating for Christmas– just a few of my favorites!

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