Lincoln at Two Years Old

Dear Lincoln,

I blinked and you’re TWO (tomorrow)!

Your dad and I are totally biased. We think you are the sweetest, smartest, funniest, talented little boy in the whole world. You constantly surprise us with your new skills, words you pick up so quickly, how affectionate you are, and your ability to be so independent. You are incredible, my friend.

You are kind of an old soul, I think. You say hi to everyone, and this Christmas you loved to wish everyone Merry Christmas and wave “bye bye” to them… everywhere we went.  You like to play by yourself, you love to eat salad (and currently: guacamole? What kind of toddler likes guacamole?!) and lately have been in the habit of telling us when you’re sleepy. You have awesome manners and always ask saying please (sometimes abbreviated to: pees? k.) and when you get anything from anyone you say thank you (tatu!)–I’d say 85% of the time unprompted. You love to clean up after yourself at meals and after playing and sing the “Clean Up” song (eemup! eeemup! eaaaeeewaaaa). You’re the best. You tell us “love you!” a lot (nanu!) and it’s the sweetest sound I’ve ever heard. We nanu very, very much! You give the best lip kisses and blow me kisses sometimes just because. It’s the best.

You love to play pretend. You make soup, cah-key, and deeyas for us in your kitchen. Today you surprised us with cah-key cake. You like to play with cars and trucks and trains– you’re currently a big fan of firetrucks so that was your Christmas ornament and “theme” for your birthday this year. We got you new firetruck jammies, a couple of firetruck toys and have a very exciting day planned for your birthday starting with donuts from Fresh Levant (gluten and dairy free so we can really enjoy them!), going to the firestation to see the firetrucks and then lunch at Chick Fil A. After nap all your aunts, uncles, cousins, grandparents and a couple close friends are coming over for pizza and s’mores to celebrate. You are so loved!

You also love anything that is musical. ANYTHING. Anything and everything is and can be a guitar, bass or bass-tar. You can imitate drums, piano and a flute. You love to sing all the time and it is my most favorite. This Christmas was the best, you loved to sing Jingle Bells and would ask for Christmas music (krees-mas) in the car. You especially super love “praise praise” music which is Elevation worship. You have a couple of favorites that you ask for by name: praise praise (Praise Goes On), Name (Resurrecting) and you can sing along to pretty much any song on the Here As In Heaven album.  You also love the Hallelujah (Hallelujah, Here Below) and Rain (There is a Cloud) and you sing your heart out. It is the greatest thing I have ever heard!  It’s the best of the best of the best.

You love church so much. Sometimes to wind down for nap or bedtime we’ll talk about who we see there and say night night to them. You love the girls that are in the one year old room with you, Miss Ashlee especially. You love Miss Martha who is in your class sometimes and that babysits you on Mondays while I work for a few hours. You go to preschool on Tuesdays and Thursdays and love Mrs. Kim. You used to say Tim but tonight actually while we were trying to get you to say your name you were suddenly clearly saying “Kim!”. I think she’ll be excited for that when we go back in two weeks. The first few weeks of preschool were rough and you hated for me to leave, but one day you had a blast (I think it was the day they gave you candy corn…) and you run in smiling, ready to play everyday. It makes me kinda sad (I miss you while you’re there!) but I’m so glad you can have fun doing things without me sometimes. You also learn so much, and make beautiful crafts there with Mrs. Kim every week! She is amazing! We are excited because next year she’ll be your teacher again in the two year old class.

You know Dada plays bass at church and he fixes iPads at work. Sometimes if I say “Dada is at work” you’ll say “no bass, pad pad“. You love your Dada so much. Sometimes if I have to go places on the weekends and you spend the whole day with Dada you are so happy when I come home! You love everything he does and want to do it, too.

You are halfway to being a big brother and told me all along that baby was a sister, but I didn’t believe you! I like to think you guys have a special connection already. When we snuggle before nap, you like to pull up my shirt and talk to my belly. Lately you do it in a high pitched baby voice “heeeey baby! baby girl!” and it’s the cutest thing ever. You also have a weird obsession with the mole on my belly, and always like to “find” it. Occasionally you’ll give my belly kisses and it totally creeps your dad out, but I love it. You’ve come to really like your baby doll that we got at IKEA a while ago, and you carry him around and read him stories, and snuggle at night and at naps. You’ve always been a big brother, which is a little bittersweet, but it’s always been you. You’ve always been the oldest. You’re gonna nail the big brother thing. Lately you will point my belly out and announce “baby girl!” and then keep talking about whatever you were doing before. I’m a little sad about our “just the two of us” days coming to an end, but I can only imagine the heart explosion that will occur when I see you two together in the flesh.

You like to eat, and love a good pouch of yogurt or applesauce. You love a salad and veggies dip- dipped in ranch. Your favorite lunches are deeyas (GF quesadillas) or six grilled nuggets from Chick Fil A dip-dipped in Chick Fil A sauce. You drink water most of the time, but we like a good post-nap smoothie in your Nemo cup and a stroller ride. You request this by saying “roller, nemo cup?“. Occasionally we’ll go to Starbucks at get you cah-key (coconut milk) but you’re a total spiller so we don’t do this a lot. You do like coconut milk in one of my reusable coffee cups at home and will ask for a straw. You like waffles and pancakes (cake cakes) and request them for breakfast a lot. You eat at least one banana (patah) a day. One day you requested apple juice by name (and with the clearest pronunciation I’ve ever heard you pronounce anything). We don’t do a lot of juice, but you love green juice, and recently some orange carrot juice we tried from the store. You don’t seem to mind that gluten and dairy free life, and occasionally we let you eat normal people food and you love that, especially a good piece of peepsa.

In general, you are a very happy and chill kid. Learning to talk has been frustrating at times and sometimes there are meltdowns and occasional throwing of things, but you are learning to use your words. You do an excellent job of deep breaths and calming down to tell us something, even if it’s that you need snats in the middle of the night. Lately you tell us when you’re sleepy. If we catch you early you tell us with words, but sometimes you tell us with eye rubs and No, no nap! exclamations. You really understand how to use no and most times decline something or an idea we have with no want. I’m really proud of that syntax.

You love to sing your ABCs (ABCABCABCEEEEEEEPABCYZ ABCABC TIME ME YAY *applauds*— or something to that effect) and other kid songs like Wheels on The Bus (up and down! up and down! up and down! allll down!) and Old MacDonald Has A Farm. You can count with us accurately to ten, and know that when people ask how old you are you say two. When we ask you to count in Spanish, sometimes you’ll say no, no uno dos and if you oblige you usually get to cuacro before making stuff up (and finishing with applause and yay).

We have that special mom and son thing. You love to snuggle and I kiss all your ouchies and make them better in an instant. We make faces at each other across the room and I can make you belly laugh so hard in seconds. When we are both tired we drive each other INSANE. The other Sunday you stayed awake from 3-6am for no good reason and after we went back to sleep for a little bit we apologized to each other. I told you I was sorry for being impatient, and I’m not sure if you really understood but you said sorry and signed it (oh yeah, you randomly sign more and sorry). Sometimes you apologize on your own when you throw toys or do something you know you aren’t supposed to, but lately even if you drop something on accident you apologize– “oh! sorry!”

You make me a better person, kiddo. Everything I ever wanted to be as a mom (wife and person too!) I am becoming because of you. Thank you for all the joy that you bring us, you make our days so sweet! We thank God for you every day. You were so handpicked for us.

Happy Birthday.

Love you so much always, forever and ever,

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