Right now: 22ish weeks

Right now we’re guessing… 21w5d

Right now I’m feeling pregnant in that… big belly! On the verge of tears…always. Hungry, always. Intermittent lower back, hip and leg pain that had me questioning everything a few times but finally went away with 3x in a row of double epsom salt baths with EO.  I am thinking I overstretched at yoga and maybe my body was preparing for a big baby growth spurt. My belly really popped after those days and everything is feeling a bit more stable. 

Right now I’m eating… still way better than last time! I’ve splurged more than I’d care to share on dairy, gluten AND sugar (ahem, key lime pie) but I made a big batch of broth and I’m trying to keep up my fruit + veggie intake as well to help my body process all the junk. Gonna be cliche human person and clean it up come January. Le sigh. NOT JOININ’ THE GYM THO. 

Right now, like last time… I appear to be the same size as last time! I’m also so tired. I fell asleep on the playroom floor today. 

Right now, this is different than last time in that… In general I feel way better than last time, and my energy level, mood and everything is just better. My skin seems to be a bit more stable (can definitely be attributed to stress management, UV therapy, sleeping well and just in general taking care of myself). Not a lot of heartburn, but I realized after being really inconsistent with taking my prenatal that I only get heartburn on days that I take that freaking vitamin. 

Right now I’m looking forward to… Christmas! and Lincoln’s birthday! We’re sharing gender of baby #2 with our parents/grandparents at Christmas (then we’ll go ‘public’ on social media. We’ve told a lot of friends and my sister because I can’t keep actual secrets). Lincoln’s birthday is going to be really fun. We’re just having family and a few family friends over for pizza dinner and smores. Earlier in the day we’re gonna go get gluten and dairy free donuts from a GF bakery in N. Raleigh, then go see the firetrucks at our local firehouse and then lunch at Chick Fil A! I’m having some strong mom feels about this birthday and want it to be really fun and special for him since it’s his last before there’s a sibling. Next year there will be a six month old in the mix so looking forward to enjoying the simplicity of the only child for one more birthday. 

Right now I’m reading…  “Respect Dare” for my eGroup and “Grace Not Perfection” because I got it for free from Target (thanks Cartwheel/Red Perks!). Gonna try to keep up with RD through the holidays and probably will table GNP until January. 

Right now I’m wearing… my maternity pants finally fit well, and somehow I can still wear my regular skinny jeans with a belly band. They are a little snug but I think I can get a few more weeks out of them! Mostly maternity tops, Lularoe leggings and Irmas, oversized t-shirts and such. 

Right now I’m watching… not really binging anything on Netflix. Gilmore Girls in the background while I work, but lately I haven’t really had the patience for TV. 

Right now I’m listening to… Christmas Music! Podcasts, but looking for some more G rated ones. A lot of mine use adult language and there’s a two year old always listening and repeating these days…..

Right now kinda nervous about… Not really feeling nervous about anything. Occasionally I have these “What if baby is breech?” or “What if I have a really long prelabor again?” or “What if I can’t breastfeed?” thoughts but I try to dismiss them. Trusting that God has equipped my body to grow this baby and will prepare us for labor and delivery! I can stay active, eat well, stress little and rest often and that’s all I can do. And I’m cool with that. 


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