Right Now: 14ish weeks

Right now we’re guessing… 14 weeks 3 days or something

Right now I’m feeling pregnant in that… I have a belly that is not bloat, it’s a real baby bump!
Right now I’m eating… 80/20 paleo. Paleo at home, gluten and/or dairy free out and about as much as possible. Occasionally just regular people food.
Right now, like last time… I have heartburn often for no good reason. 
Right now, this is different than last time in that… I’m not having intense cravings really, I actually feel pretty normal like my “old self”. Emotions are high though! Doesn’t happen often but I’ll get really weepy here and there at unexpected things. I ugly cried through the Compassion International catalog and then wrote a $200 check for a newborn bundle for a mom somewhere in the world. Really couldn’t stop crying until I wrote the check… it was something else. 
Right now I’m looking forward to… the holidays! 
Right now I’m reading…  Trying to finish Becoming Myself, so I can start Overwhelmed by Perry Noble. 
Right now I’m wearing… sweatpants and leggings. Not big enough for maternity clothes yet, and too big for regular jeans. Lularoe is total perfection. Everything. Every shirt, every dress, all the leggings. everything.
Right now I’m watching… just started re-watching Gilmore Girls in preparation for the Netflix event the end of November. 
Right now I’m listening to… I have recently added “Gilmore Guys” to my podcast list and I love it. Also enjoying West Wing Weekly, Reply All and Freakanomics.
Right now kinda nervous about… word on the street is Wake Med will no longer be “in network” for my insurance starting in January which means I need to find a new OB which is kinda stressful. 
Right now celebrating… entering second trimester! And my birthday week!!  

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