November 2016 Goal Type Things

HEY NOVEMBER! I really like you. Not sure if these are goals or just a list of things to look forward to, either way, I’m down!

  • turn 29! Celebrate the weekend of with so many of my favorite things: Cornhuskin’ at my alma mater, dinner with wonderful friends Friday and Saturday night, shooting child dedications at church on Saturday, shooting the worship experience on Sunday, and who knows what else! 
  • start leading Financial Peace University on Tuesday nights at our house 
  • print our Halloween photo from this year (and two years ago, couldn’t find it before) to stash w/ our fall decor
  • lots of fun essential oil/diy projects. Order glass bottles and:
    • make Thieves sanitizing hand spray 
    • re-do face toner w/ YL oils 
    • make lavender linen spray
    • make ACV hair rinse
    • make floor cleaner
    • some roller blends (immune boost, fever decreaser, stress away, etc.) 
  • go to Ikea and purchase our KING SIZE BED
  • before going to Ikea phase 1 of big boy room prep: get all baby clothes boxed up and ready to go through once we find out gender of #2 (probably not until December); go through the room and THROW AWAY/DONATE anything that is just sitting there taking up space
  • knock some things off our fun fall to-do list
    • paint pumpkins (we didn’t squeeze this in before Halloween so we’re gonna make Thanksgiving pumpkins? Whatever that means)
    • make and enjoy a little just us family (paleo) Thanksgiving before the big day 
    • donate to the Food Bank 
  • Second Annual Tacosgiving with my sister and her family and my dad. The day after Thanksgiving, we will eat tacos and finish off the night with cutie cousin boys in matching Christmas pajamas. 
  • start prenatal yoga
  • make a pregnancy “don’t forget” list– only 26 more weeks! That sounds like a lot but it doesn’t feel like a lot… 
  • select and print a minimum of 10 family/Lincoln photos from the year to hang on our hallway photo wall
  • make detailed Christmas list and budget spreadsheet, including giving 
  • decorate our house for Christmas the day after Thanksgiving! 
  • create the frame for Lincoln’s baby book. I was INSPIRED a few weeks ago to totally redo/finish his baby book. 
I’m ready! Let’s finish strong 2016! 

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