Right Now: Six Weeks

September 7, 2016

Right now we’re guessing… 6w3d.
Right now I’m feeling pregnant in that… I’m having crazy, vivid dreams. Falling asleep each night is like watching an action telenovela marathon. Insane dreams. 

Right now I’m eating… staying 80/20 paleo. I’m loving Rice Chex and have splurged on cheese a few times this week and noticed that it makes me feel really bad so no plans to do that again any time soon. No real intense cravings, but last night I was still up working at 10 and suddenly was starving! I went downstairs and whipped up some pork nachos with leftovers and it was amazing. I inhaled them. Literally right now, I’m drinking a pineapple spinach smoothie. 
Right now, like last time… I’ve got that early bloating, and feeling super sleepy.   
Right now, this is different than last time in that… I totally forgot to make an OB appointment the Monday after I got a positive test. Last time I called at 8:01am sharp on Monday.
Right now I’m looking forward to… really looking forward to Code Orange Revival starting Friday! 
Right now I’m reading… Becoming Myself by Staci Eldridge, Mrs. Betterhalf by Holly Furtick and Greater by Steven Furtick. Working through Genesis with Marshall, we’ve decided to read through it during my pregnancy together (originally I wanted to read through the whole Bible but that’s a bit unrealistic these days I think. Marshall brought me back to reality…) Pretty sure this is enough reading to last me 40+ weeks. 
Right now I’m wearing… normal clothes. My Lularoe leggings have come in clutch with my bloat belly. Really looking forward to wearing all my Lularoe stuff once it’s cooler! 
Right now I’m watching… Binge watching The West Wing and NCIS while I work. Re-watching Arrested Development with Marshall. 

Right now kinda nervous about… I had a really vivid miscarriage dream last night. In this dream Lincoln was going on a trip with my parents (not ever going to happen), who were together (they are happily divorced) and my dad’s new Jeep (this is real) while Marshall was on a business trip (what?). Like my pregnancy dreams are, it was so vivid and so real and I woke up in a panic. Since waking up and starting writing this I’ve becoming increasingly more nauseous throughout the day which is reassuring that things are progressing as normal. I did really miss being pregnant, but I kind of forgot about the constant worry that comes along with sharing your body with someone who can’t check in via text every so often… 
Right now feeling good about… life. We’re (again) in a transitional place. Lincoln started preschool, I just started a new school year, we’re now preparing financially and logistically for another person in our family… it definitely felt bittersweet at first (I may have ugly cried dropping Lincoln off on Tuesday) but I’m starting to accept that like I know, all seasons end– even the sweetest ones. And the next one coming is going to be very, very sweet. New baby next spring, debt free next fall (this is a change from January), I have a truly amazing group of students this year, our church is multiplying and we’re celebrating being there a year (already?!). This Saturday we’re celebrating our fifth anniversary and it’s incredible how God has changed us in what feels like such a short time. We are so thankful. 

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