October Goals

I am so excited it is October. So many fun things on the radar! I’m still in the thick of first trimester ickies so I’m really having to readjust my expectations for self, especially in terms of energy. My theme for this month is grace upon grace upon grace upon grace and really embracing this season for what it is: sleepy. But this weather is perfect, I have found the most amazing paleo pumpkin muffin recipe and I’m ready for cooooooler weather and all things fall.


  • Blog a lot! I had 31 entries planned as part of the Write 31 Days challenge for October, but I’m already behind on that, so we will see. I’d like to post at least 15 times this month.
  • 5k steps a day!
  • At minimum eat one veggie a day.
  • Read 2 chapters a week of Becoming Myself for eGroup
  • complete post processing on Schuyler and Emily’s wedding photos before big Lula-shoot
  • Go to Ikea! (we actually already did this)
  • Go to the STATE FAIR TWICE! Normally I just go once with my friends for snacky dinner but this year our church’s band is doing a night of worship at Dorton Arena on Friday October 14 and Marshall is playing bass so we’ll go Friday and then I’ll go the next week with my girls! 
  • Photograph the A21 Walk for Freedom to stop Modern Day slavery on October 15th. 
  • Big Lularoe photoshoot for my girl Tracy Vazquez and her Lula-crew! 
  • Shoot two sessions for really special families!
  • graduate to 2nd trimester and hopefully leave some of this nausea and fatigue behind.

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