Fall Ramblings

Just popping in to share a few thoughts.

  1. I have sincerely been underestimating how much energy and time goes into working and parenting. These are great days. These are exhausting days. I go to sleep most nights really aware of some area that I neglected that day (husband, self, child, work, house, etc.) but I’m thankful that God has freed me from unrealistic expectations and standards in the past year. 
  2. September has been amazing. And also, extremely busy. Amazingly busy. Our church had revival for 10 days straight (and we got baptized!) and then my brother in law got married (and I took pictures!) and it’s been way out of our normal routine and super great and fun. We are enjoying settling back into a semi-slower pace (although still circus level antics with this toddler man) and getting back into our normal routine.
  3. Lincoln is really fun at this age. He’s starting to talk so much, string words together into complete thoughts (hold you, mama! // bye bye, mama! // I played trucks! //  etc.) and my most favorite thing lately is his singing and dancing. He sings along to the one CD we play on repeat in the car and has it memorized pretty much. Of course he doesn’t say the words, but he tries and it’s so great. Jesus = Jeeeeeeeee, Holy = Hold You, and then just general drum noises. The Dancing is also on another level. 
  4. I am still constantly wanting to read the Bible more and haven’t really come up  with a good routine with that. A couple of days ago I bought a “Write the Word” journal from Lara Casey and it came today. SO simple. I’ve completed day one, but I like it so much. A great way to get the word in your head/heart. 
  5. It is finally fall. It still feels very summery outside, but the calendar says: FALL. Bring on all the pumpkin baked goods and decorations! I’m ready. 
  6. We celebrated our fifth (FIFTH!) wedding anniversary a few weeks ago. Marriage is weird. Somehow it feels like a lifetime together and no time, all at the same time. The exciting thing is that we are still very much just at the beginning– the best is yet to come! 
That is all! Happy Fall, Y’all! 

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