Right Now: 8 weeks

September 19, 2016

Right now we’re guessing… 8w1d
Right now I’m feeling pregnant in that… I’m nauseous and sleepy. 

Right now I’m eating… any and everything that sounds good. Not sticking to any sort of paleo framework at the moment, but plan to once nausea subsides. It’s rough these days. Bread and cheese are all I want, but also make me feel really bad but all other food makes me gag. Except apples and peanut butter. Just really trying to avoid an eczema flare really. Trying to make sleep a priority and keep up moisturizing and other good habits. 
Right now, like last time… craving a lot of the same foods as last time, really anything with mayo. Hibachi with white sauce, dipping fries or nuggets in mayo. Also, cheddar bo biscuits have saved me the past few days. 
Right now, this is different than last time in that… cannot tolerate any sugar. Apple cider sounds so good but makes me feel terrible. I’m also noticeably pregnant to people that don’t see me that often. I didn’t show until 14+ weeks last time, but at a wedding this weekend a relative asked me from across the room if I was pregnant and our babysitter asked last week. Apparently a friend asked Marshall at the wedding as well. Sidenote: Y’all, don’t ever ask a lady if she’s pregnant. Just don’t. It’s really not the getting fat implication that is bothersome, it’s really more of like it’s my news that I’m not ready to share yet. It has just put me in a really awkward situation of either lying to your face OR sharing really big news without discussing it with my husband first. Just, don’t ask! 
Right now I’m looking forward to… our first ultrasound on Wednesday. Also gonna ask for nausea meds so I can eat real food! And gonna tell family after our ultrasound. A lot of excitement! 
Right now I’m reading… haven’t really read anything in the last week, Becoming Myself is in the queue as is finishing Greater. I just ordered a “write the word” journal from Lara Casey that I’m excited about! 
Right now I’m wearing… dresses or Lularoe leggings. I wore some regular leggings the other day and they were super uncomfortable and too tight. I wore a dress to church yesterday but wore a sweatshirt over it to hide my really obvious baby bump. People kept asking me if I was cold but I much preferred that to “are you pregnant?”. 

Right now I’m watching… still the West Wing. Currently in season 3 where Gibbs (what’s his real name? Mark Harmon?) is on there as CJ’s Secret Service agent and it’s the best. 

Right now kinda nervous about… not really nervous about anything really. My energy level is super low and staring at a computer screen kinda makes me nauseous so I’m a little worried about falling behind on work, but with Marshall home the next few weeks it should be better. Obviously miscarriage is a general worry during first trimester, but I’m holding fast to knowing that my “what ifs” are met with a “if so, God is still good”. I am feeling good about sharing our pregnancy earlier than the normal 12 weeks because even if something happened and we lost the baby, sharing the story would be a priority for us. Hard, for sure, but really learning that the “me too” is so valuable. I’m thankful though that I haven’t really been dwelling on fears like I did with Lincoln. I think a lot of that is just being really busy and chasing a toddler around it’s good to keep my mind off of all the things that could go wrong. Really in generally just feeling really grateful and really excited about having another baby. Becoming a mom was like finally finding my calling, I know it’s going to be difficult but I already feel my heart growing. 

Right now celebrating… Marshall and I got baptized last week during Code Orange Revival and it was so great. It’s been about a year that we’ve been at Elevation and it’s so incredible how God has changed us in this year. We are so grateful. 

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