RIP August Goals

It’s August 19th. Is it too early to throw in the towel on my goals for the month?

  • Getting back to my “why” and blog EVERY DAY. More about that here. This is not working. Requires a lot more planning than I planned (ha!) and I learned quickly that every day meant every WEEK day, I have to unplug on the weekends. I’ve missed two days so far, and am realizing that 3x a week is more realistic. 
  • Finish Wild and Free (for real this time). Read 10 minutes before bed every night. I have not read for 10 minutes before bed every night (or anything close to that) but I did finish Wild and Free and it was amazing. I am so glad I read it. 
  • Read a story in Spanish to Lincoln every day. This has happened some days, but would you believe me that if I start reading a story in Spanish, he closes the book and says “done”– or just cries at me until I speak in English? By far  the youngest person ever to reject me as a Spanish teacher.
  • Meet 10k step goal 5x a week. I think I’ve met my goal maybe 5x this whole month so far, the heat makes it so hard to get outside to walk and pushing the stroller/cart doesn’t count if I forget to put my Fit Bit on my shoe. 
  • Make green smoothies 2x a week. Haven’t made a single one. 
  • Wake up at 6am weekdays to get some work done before son up. Nope. All the sleep.  
  • Implement a new daily cleaning schedule, will share later! Basically splitting all the cleaning that needs to be done into daily tasks (on top of daily chores) to keep our house cleaner and me a little more sane… #doghair #kelliehair First week was strong! 2nd week we went to the beach and 3rd week we kept my nephew so, I’ll be starting that over on Monday. 
  • Finish up my summer course STRONG + start fall 2016 courses!
  • Savor this last month of one on one time with Lincoln– he starts preschool in September. He’ll only be going 2 days a week, but still– it’s the end of an era! 

These goals really help me stay centered and focused, and do a good pulse check. I can let my time and days go and will find myself wondering where they went, but I’m gonna call this month what it is: SUMMER. And if there’s a time to be lazy, or not to keep track of things, or to stay up late and sleep in it is summer, because all too soon school will be back in session, I’ll have a kiddo in preschool and 60+ students in my online classes that need to call/text/email/message me. So my goals for the rest of August:
  • Keep reading Greater.
  • Sleep as late as possible every single day before school starts back.
  • Make all 16-17 Welcome Calls before September 1. 
  • Take naps.
  • Take lots pictures. 
  • Come up with another word for these monthly things besides ‘goals’. 
  • Make at least one smoothie.
  • Meet Fit Bit goal at least once.
  • Keep blogging. 

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