Promised Potty Popsicle Party

We had the opportunity to keep our youngest nephew for a couple of days this week while my sister was traveling and her husband was working. I was anticipating being busy with two toddlers, and while it definitely was, it was also really fun! I haven’t had the chance to spend a lot of time one on one with Charlie since I got pregnant with Lincoln not long after he was born. He’s in the midst of all the potty training fun, and while we had several wet pants accidents, he pooped on the potty Tuesday night when his dad came over for dinner and requested a blue– no red– no, orange! popsicle. So today before he went home, popsicles were had and it was awesome.  Potty training aside, we had a great week and had such a fun time playing with Charlie. We did all the fun things, ate almost all the applesauces and napped a few naps. It was good. 

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