A Visit to Coyote Ranch

In honor of #throwbackthursday I’m sharing some photos from last September when we paid a visit to the little farmhouse that we affectionately refer to as Coyote Ranch. Marshall lived here during our engagement with his friend David, and after we struck out trying to find wedding venues on the cheap, we decided to get married here in the backyard on September 10, 2011. It was the most magical day
We found out a couple of months before this that the acres of land that the house was on was sold and going to be developed. We wanted to grab a few pictures as a family there before it was all torn down so one afternoon on the way to Wake Forest we stopped by to just take a few pictures.  We brought the tripod to do some self timer photos, but luckily David was there and was able to take some for us. I wish this place would have been around for years to come, but there is something special about knowing that we were the only ones to get married there. It’s almost as if it existed just for us and our story.  A few months ago we drove by there to see it and sure enough all trace of this magical place was gone, and development had begun. Coyote Ranch, we will miss you! Thank you for the memories! 

(PS: Check out that squishy baby! I remember we had recently started exclusively formula feeding and dude got really chunky really fast. Turns out babies don’t need 6 ounces every 2 hours…they will start sleeping all night if you feed them that much though. Hashtag: parenting hack)

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