Baby’s First Legit Haircut

I guess technically this was his second haircut. I trimmed the baby mullet a few months ago to even it out (and because some applesauce or something had fused some hair together into a big knot…). I cried. He did not. I saved his hair in a little baggy with his baby book. I should probably clarify that I did not save the applesauce knot. Just the hair. 
This, however, was his first big boy haircut. Our friend Morgan from church works at a salon in Raleigh, and is AMAZING. Her little boy Phoenix is Lincoln’s little BFF at church, and she is absolutely amazing at cutting little kid hair. I brought my big camera thinking I’d get to sit back and document the thing, but he was pretty much inconsolable and would only sit in my lap. We were able to get him to sit a little still with Cars on Marshall’s iPhone (#screentimeisthebesttime) but for the most part, he cried, whined and wiggled all around and protested, even being in my lap. 
SOMEHOW through all the tears and wiggles, Morgan was able to cut his crazy double crown cow-licked head and style it all cute and faux hawk like. I love it so much, I didn’t cry once, just marveled at Morgan’s amazing skills and how I got so many bad haircuts at Great Clips through the years sitting perfectly still, and she navigated crazy toddler wildness and gave him an awesome cut. So amazing. I am currently saving up and growing my hair out to go see her in a couple of months for some color! I am stoked. 

If you’re in the market for a stylist, check Morgan out on Instagram (@scissorcut) or visit her at Sky Parlor Salon!

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