August Goals 2016

Goodbye July! It was a really busy month around here, and while it was filled with wonderful things, and lots of relaxation and slow summer days, I am definitely looking forward to fall. Cooler weather, more predictable schedule, and just in general– many exciting things to come! As a teacher the fall always feels like a fresh start, and I’m looking forward to getting moving again (read: walking) and starting a new school year. 
  • Getting back to my “why” and blog EVERY DAY. More about that here
  • Finish Wild and Free (for real this time). Read 10 minutes before bed every night. 
  • Read a story in Spanish to Lincoln every day. 
  • Meet 10k step goal 5x a week. 
  • Make green smoothies 2x a week.
  • Wake up at 6am weekdays to get some work done before son up. 
  • Implement a new daily cleaning schedule, will share later! Basically splitting all the cleaning that needs to be done into daily tasks (on top of daily chores) to keep our house cleaner and me a little more sane… #doghair #kelliehair 
  • Finish up my summer course STRONG + start fall 2016 courses!
  • Savor this last month of one on one time with Lincoln– he starts preschool in September. He’ll only be going 2 days a week, but still– it’s the end of an era! 
Happy August! 

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