Our Everyday Photos: July 28

July 28th started out ordinary, but quickly took a turn for the extraordinary! One of my best friends, Michelle, from my last teaching job was passing through town on her way to the beach and stopped in to visit, so I decided to make waffles (the first time I used our waffle maker by myself– eeeee!) and she stayed for a couple of hours and hung out with us in our PJs and it was so great. She stayed for lunch too, and it was such a great visit! So glad to have her back in North Carolina! 
Not long after she left, I got a text from my friend Loren who I served with on photo at Elevation Raleigh before she moved to Charlotte and she was in Garner for a doctor’s appointment and wanted to come hang out before our Mom’s Night Out that night. I tided up a bit while Lincoln napped and fixed a snack and she came and we caught up for a little bit. When Marshall got home, we skipped dinner at home (even though I remembered to thaw the fish!) and went to Peace Camera (I sold some lenses to add some money to my student loan payment this month) and then met up with some other moms from church. It was such the best day ever. God sends me some of the most special people, and it was almost surreal getting to see them both on the same day! Such special ladies. And funnily enough, I’ve been mistaken for both of them by other people, the poor kindergarteners could never tell Michelle and I apart, and some of the ladies at Elevation Raleigh thought I was Loren. 
I didn’t take a ton of pictures, but these are all things I want to remember: 
  • Lincoln at 19 months old (on this day!) wanting to sit in a big seat at the table. Eating all our food, and demanding snacks just minutes after breakfast, all the way to lunch…
  • Luna waiting patiently for something (anything!) to fall.
  • The way Lincoln touches his food, and says “hot!” or “old!” (cold). He’s identifying hot/cold with about 70% accuracy these days. 
  • The baby hair. We’ve scheduled a big boy haircut for next Friday, so I’m savoring the baby mullet. 
  • Our messy house. While Michelle and I talked, Lincoln took out every book, toy, everything. Messy sink with dishes, and dog hair everywhere. 
  • Michelle having lunch with Lincoln and I. He wanted to pray over and over and over and over. We took turns thanking God for stuff and it was so sweet. Kept grabbing our hands and saying “pray!”. 
  • The dogs hanging out during the hottest part of the day. They clean up the floor from breakfast and lunch and then snooze. 
  • Snack time for me while baby naps! Embracing the 80/20 and enjoying a fair amount of gluten free bread with grass fed butter these days–- with a hot cup of tea is perfection
  • Sweet Loren and I! This girl and I were instant pals and she is such an inspiration to me. This year has been a roller coaster for them, and she and Marquis have handled it with such grace and with sincere faith. Love them so much! Always enjoy time spent with her. She is one of those people that we just pick up where we left off, never miss a beat. It was so great to celebrate good news from the oncologist (no cancer!) with her! 

Thank you Jesus! 

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