Charlotte | newborn

This girl. She is already number one in line of those that I’d like to be my daughter in law (in the way future, like, I’m not ready to send Lincoln to pre-school, much less marry him off…). She was just the perfect subject for newborn photos. She snoozed through them like a champ, and even gave us the thumbs up a few times. After staring at her beautiful face (and the toes! The baby toes!) for hours on my computer screen I have officially forgotten  what it feels like to be 9 months pregnant and to have a contraction. Contractions are just like a sneeze right? And then the baby just hops right out? Right? While you eat ice cream and watch a movie? Right? 
Upon seeing this little one, she definitely reminded me of her daddy, but the more we got to know each other I saw her mama shining through. She’s got her awesome face shape and chin, for starters, but she’s also got a cute little grin and impeccable comedic timing which was revealed in a timely poopy diaper. She’s a hoot already. I can tell. Enjoy baby Charlotte, but don’t get too attached– she’s already spoken for by a little boy in Raleigh. 

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