July Goals

If you’re keeping score, you’ll notice that I dropped the ball on May and June goals. Oopsies. But, I’m back and we’re officially in the second half of 2016 and I’m here and reporting for duty.
Since I last checked in, things have been wild and crazy! I wrapped up the 2015-2016 school year *praise hands*, and started the 2016-2017 school year in a brand new LMS and it’s amazing. My friend Stephanie and I started a mom group through church and have held weekly playdates which has been  super enjoyable, and not very stressful as I initially thought it would be. My course load for the summer is low, so I’m enjoying a slow summer. This is very welcomed, especially after last summer, so we’ve been enjoying slow summer days with a little bit of work scattered here and there, and lots of fun things for me. I’ve been gardening (we’ve eaten three zucchinis from our yard!) and walking and writing and Shopkicking and just general chilling out, loving my people. I’ve been tempted to fill my days with things, but one of my dear friends candidly told me last night that I live my life at one speed: warp speed. This made me chuckle, but it is kind of true… so, this is me. Slowing down, and trying to stay awake. Really I have two speeds: warp, and sleeping. I take an annual sabbath week between Christmas and New Year’s, but I’m open to the idea of observing one in the summer months too. 
So here’s my slow and easy July goals! 
  • Finish Wild and Free, start Greater
  • Host my first outreach project with Elevation Raleigh during Love Week– a dance for my friends at the Durham County Special Olympics. I am so in over my head with planning this, but it’s going to be fun! If you’re local, sign up! You don’t have to go to Elevation!
  • Celebrate the Elevation Raleigh 2 year anniversary on July 24!
  • Second shoot a wedding with my wonderful friend Stephanie Byrd.
  • Use Nikon lenses with the Mark ii for our “everyday” July photos.
  • Get to bed by 10pm every night, wake up at 6am.
  • Go for an intentional walk daily and/or meet 10k step goal.
  • Write every day– not necessarily to blog, but just for fun.
  • Get my nose pierced. I’ve been thinking about it long enough. It’s happening. It’s time. 

2 thoughts on “July Goals

  1. SO STOKED! Yes! I had it when I was in college, and now that I work from home I want it back. Nevermind that was like 10 years ago, but I'm still in my twenties so better live it up while I can, right?!

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