Bonjour Bebé, welcoming baby Charlotte!

In March, I had the absolute privilege of throwing a baby shower for one of my dearest friends from college. Emily and I met freshman year, and hit it off immediately. We hung out off and on throughout college (as much as you can when you both have really demanding majors) and ran in the same circles. One day, not long after we graduated, I was driving back to campus and realized I was behind her in traffic. I called her and it turned out she had been in town for a job interview, which she got, and I had just gotten a job and was looking for a place to live. We decided to be roommates in Garner, she worked in Cary and I worked in Sampson county and it was a blast. We decked that apartment out, and loved those single girl days (where really all we did was complain about not being engaged yet…). It was the best. That season was so short, looking back we weren’t there for long, but there is not a single person in the world that I would have rather had my first “big girl apartment” with. We had such fun times, and she never judged me for being super slobby and a total deadbeat in the chores department. The best days.

All that to say, this girl is a mama and I am SO excited! She welcomed little baby girl Charlotte last week (and I got to be at the hospital!) Baby Charlotte is going to be in the best hands with this lady as her mama, and Matt as her daddy. I can’t wait to spoil the heck out of her, and start the process of arranging a marriage so Em and I can be mom-in-law friends for life.

The shower was on a chilly Sunday afternoon, friends from Raleigh and Trinity came to celebrate and enjoy some french inspired treats. All in all, a wonderful time was had by all! A big shoutout and hug to Amy from ag1photography for coming to document the day. It was so nice to know that all the things would be documented, and the pictures are gorgeous! All images below were taken by Amy Ginsberg. Check out her website, Facebook, and Instagram!

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