Friday Favorites: Lularoe Leggings

So, I’m not usually into those things. You know what I’m talking about. Everybody and their sister is selling something online these days, and I probably shouldn’t be like this, but I tend to unfollow and hide whenever it pops up in my newsfeed. Once it was clear to my internet “friends” that I was working from home (or as perceived by some, hanging out at home) I’ve had quite a few acquaintances from high school reach out to me via Facebook message to invite me to their “team” (because they don’t actually see me in real life or have my phone number…) so I can be a gabajillionaire and work from home selling something. 
This works well for some people, and I think it’s a great way to make money from home if that’s something you want to do and if it’s something you feel passionately about. I totally get it. Essential oils are awesome, and a good mascara is worth it’s weight in gold (oh, I’ve watched and wondered at many a 3D lash mascara Youtube video, amazing!) but the convenience of picking up a thing of lavender to try at Whole Foods or my favorite mascara at Ulta down the street cannot be beat in this current season in which I juggle toddler tantrums, incessant calls and texts for work and somewhat attempt to maintain a clean-ish home with healthy-ish food in it for my people.

And then, I got invited to a Lularoe pop-up. Honestly, I just went because I wanted to see my friends (is that how they get you there? Genius!) and then I impulsively bought two pair of leggings because that’s all I wear these days and they were really soft. I am amazed by them! They have already out performed every single pair of Target leggings/jeggings that I’ve ever had. They’ve kept their color, texture (no picks or holes) and everything from bananas to boogers has washed out of them, no problem. Also, they are so soft. Unbelievably soft. Like, worn out comfy t-shirt soft. On your legs. Like a hug on your legs. An old t-shirt leg hug.

Here is the most remarkable thing about them: they come in two sizes. I am not totally sure how they do it, but 2-12 is a size, and 10-22 is a size. This is absolutely brilliant for a few reasons. Let’s talk about my weight, which directly correlates to size of pants/leggings.

We’ll call my pre-baby weight, X.

So, X. Then I got pregnant, and I had the morning sickness, X-10. Then, morning sickness went away, and I remembered how delicious carbs (ahem, baked brie) were and grew a baby, X+50. Then I had the baby, and the  food baby remained for quite a few months, we’ll call that roughly X+25. Then because of my autoimmune problems, I cut out sugar, dairy and grains and am currently at X-20.

That’s some weird body Algebra, but basically in the past two years, my size has fluctuated a lot and I’ve purchased so many clothes from Target in sizes all over the 2 to 12 spectrum. If I had known about Lularoe I could have bought one pair of leggings that would have fit me the whole time, minus the crazy big third trimester baby bump. Although, Pinterest tells me that others wear their leggings to term, so maybe you can. I’ll have to test that theory next time.

All that to say! To all my lady people: you need these leggings.

I am not a particularly fashionable person, per say, in fact, for the past two years or so I’ve been trying to get rid of clothes and live with capsules and I absolutely love it (read more about that here). These leggings (and tunics, and dresses) TOTALLY fit right in. The styling ways are endless. In a given day, I can dress up or dress down an outfit simply by what shoes or accessories I am wearing and I absolutely love it.

The cost of these items are not super pricy either. They are a step or so above that at your local Target for sure, but in my total honest opinion $25 for a pair of leggings is completely worth it if you don’t have to replace them every few months or buy a new pair if you gain or lose a few pounds.

I’ve been conflicted on buying new clothes at all in my current season, since my audience most days is my toddler and the check out guy at Aldi. However, I notice such a difference in my demeanor and productivity level when I get dressed every day. Working at home is awesome. Once in a blue moon I’ll nap when the baby naps (no shame). Sometimes I’ll watch Netflix while I grade, or decide to procrastinate a little and go play outside instead. There is a ton of flexibility, but there are a lot of days where I am frantically trying to meet a work deadline, or teach a live class, or make a phone call, or do anything and I am at the mercy of a crabby toddler who has thrown food everywhere, and is trying to eat dog hair and somehow it just all goes a lot better when I have been intentional about getting ready for the day. That doesn’t mean wearing jeans necessarily (sometimes I do!), but sometimes, my cute leggings with a fun shirt or my Irma tunic really just makes me feel great.

It’s also nice to wear something that fits. Like, during that postpartum period when I went back to work and my pre-baby work attire didn’t fit, my maternity attire didn’t fit and I had been on maternity leave so I didn’t have any money to buy clothes that actually did fit. So, I wore extra small maternity leggings until they wouldn’t stay up anymore, and then after that just whatever I could find that would button, whether I felt great or not. It is really amazing what wearing clothes that fit and flatter can do for your overall demeanor and outlook in a given day. I’m a total believer!

To review, reasons I love Lularoe Leggings:

  1. They are the most comfortable leggings I’ve ever worn. (See “old t-shirt leg hug” above)
  2. They are well made and don’t fall apart or get holes in the wash.
  3. They come in classic colors (read: black) and super fun prints! 
  4. They fit the ever-evolving “mom bod”* super well. 
  5. They are reasonably priced! 

(*honestly, I would just say  “lady bod” here, because even before pregnancy my weight fluctuated like a lot, now I just have a baby to blame it on…)

Here’s some super exciting iPhone pictures of me and how I wear, or ahem–- style my Lularoe. We walk together. We cook together. We change diapers together. We go to church together. We sleep together. We watch Netflix together. We go out to dinner together. We hang out with girls together. We get coffee together. You get the point. (I also super dislike getting my picture taken, but, I really like these leggings so I took one for the team. You’re welcome.)

Right now I have several pair of Lularoe leggings (pictured up here are black and red, I have a few prints that were in the wash when I took these pictures, but I mostly wear them around the house, to run errands or to sleep– SO comfortable). I also have a grey + white ribbed Irma tunic (size XXS pictured here) and a black perfect tee (XS pictured here). I realize that last picture is not of leggings, but I wear my Irma with jeans, skirts, ANYTHING. I just knot it on the side if I want it like a regular shirt. 

I’ve got my eye on a few things I’d like to have, but with my whole capsule thing, I’m thinking long and hard and waiting for the exact thing to come along… I really like stripes and floral patterns.

All that to say, I am hosting a real life and online pop-up THIS WEEK and I am so excited about it I could pop (up?). I know feels a little risky buying something online without trying it on first, so if that is you, my advice would be to start small with some leggings. If you can, come to my pop-up or don’t ignore that friend of a friend on Facebook’s pop-up and go! Try some things on for yourself and once you know your sizes you can troll all the Lularoe online pop-ups and find all the colors and styles you like.

So, how can you join in?!

1: Request to join Tracy’s online shop group here:
2: Let me know you want to be added to my Pop-Up event on Facebook and I’ll add you!

We are doing an ONLINE pop-up on Wednesday,  May 11 at 8pm. All you have to do is log on to the group and shop. Tracy will have styles sorted by album and what sizes she has available. You comment “SOLD” and then fill out the check out form when you’re done shopping and she’ll invoice you! Pop-up will stay open until the morning but will close before the pop-up the next night.

We will also have a REAL LIFE pop-up on Thursday, May 12 from 7-10pm at Tracy’s house in Raleigh. There will be snacks, wine and general good fun, so come hang out, try on some clothes and enjoy a fun night out/in! There is absolutely no pressure to buy, just come and enjoy!

Happy Leggings-ing!

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