Lincoln’s First Fiesta

Several months ago, my sweet baby boy turned 1! I remember right before my OB broke my water in the hospital, she said “you’re about to run a marathon!” and I thought she was referring to the childbirth part. Did not really realize she was referring to the next 12 months (or 18 years, because it doesn’t really seem to be calming down…).It was all a whirlwind, the labor, delivery and subsequent 12 months. So hard to believe that he’s walking, talking and more communicative than ever! 
So, I love to throw a theme party. I just love the chance to get creative and crafty. I decided on the fiesta theme when Lincoln was about 9 months old. I had done monthly pictures with a little piñata that my friend Meghan gave me at a baby shower (with a teeny sombrero!) and I had a ton of stickers and random Spanish things from my classroom that I had collected over the years. This included like one million “feliz cumpleaños” stickers, too!  It was a natural progression, and I loved that his little monthly pictures were tied into the theme. This is definitely something that I will do for future kids, for sure! 
Decorations in general were just a hodge podge of things we had laying around. As his birthday came in between Christmas and New Year’s, the day after Christmas we took down all the Christmas decor and put up Fiesta things! We let it hang out for weeks (and his chalk board decoration stayed up until I recently erased it for Easter…). Turns out, we really love to celebrate! Or we really hate to clean up…

We made the muchacho shirt with printable iron-on paper onto a basic black 12mo tee from Target. 

I found this amazing paleo cupcake recipe, that was super easy. It does carry a dozen eggs, and because of this we found out that L has a bit of an egg sensitivity and broke out in eczema all over (which is an indicator that it’s a trouble food for me too— eeek!) BUT, for an occasional treat, I’d prefer these cupcakes to typical flour ones any day. Just, not a good choice for multiple cupcakes days in a row +  2 eggs for breakfast every day. I tried a few different frostings, but ultimately went with a dairy and gluten free option from Target (with a whopping 19 grams of sugar per tablespoon! I digress…) and regular people sprinkles. A total win, these cupcakes were absolutely amazing. 

Our sweet friend/sister in law-law, Jamie made him the UNO hat which was absolutely perfect. 

It took some convincing but he learned to like the frosting. He definitely preferred the cupcakes sans frosting, which is TOTALLY fine by me for future birthdays. 

Surprised face! 

We made these faux piñata letters with diaper boxes (M cut them into the correct letter shapes) and streamers. Took a while, but I love how they turned out. 
And this pretty much sums up being one. Frosting all over his face, hand on a balloon, finger up his nose. The life. 

Such a wonderful day celebrating our boy (and our survival through his first year)! Thank you to everyone who helped make it so special. We are so thankful for you! And happy super late birthday blog post to my little boy: you make my world just so incredibly wonderful. 

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