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The days are long and tiresome, filled with many things that really just don’t get done. The past few weeks especially, have been exhausting. Lincoln is leaving the baby days behind, and embracing toddlerhood with reckless abandon. It is equal parts terrifying, awesome, exhausting and exhilarating– all at once. 
All in all, I find it nearly impossible to devote my entire attention to anything that isn’t directly Lincoln related, and it’s okay. Things don’t get done, and it’s alright. Some work tasks are put off until the very last minute, and I pull them out in a pinch and it’s just fine. In this season, I’m finding God whispering to me to savor more, enjoy more, draw my circles a little smaller and soak up this time. So thankful for these whispers. Mountains can wait, laundry can wait, email can wait. Some things just cannot wait. Like, bubbles (for the tenth time today), for instance. We keep the “outside” toys in a basket near the door, and lately Lincoln will get the bubbles and bring them to me, blow and say “bubbles!” and I simply cannot resist it. The novelty of him just being able to have an idea, come and get me to tell me about it, and actually communicating it too me is just too much. When he brought Marshall bubbles on Sunday evening while I was tidying up the kitchen, and they went outside to play, I tried to focus on cleaning up and getting ready for dinner, but my camera was still out from church and they were having fun without me. So, naturally I went outside too. 
These Lincoln faces are everything. It would seemed he inherited some of our “expressive” nature. He has been pretty chill about bubbles for the most part, finding Marshall to be the most entertaining part, but he was all about some bubbles on Sunday. Excited face, to the max! I can’t even. I want to keep him little, but watching the person he is growing into is the most fun. I really think he’s going to be quite a character… 

The sweetest little face there ever was. Oh, I love him. 

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