April Goals

How is it possibly April already?! March was exciting. I aspired to eat more vegetables, which I was successful at most days. Some days, I still ate vegetables but I also ate other things…. Marshall was tracked out from work, so we played hard. He doesn’t really get a summer break since that is his busy time with work, so spring break was our time to play and spend time together and it was so wonderful. Especially celebrating Easter right in the middle of it, total icing on the cake. 

Probably the most exciting thing in March was that we paid off my bottom Sallie Mae loan. There is one more left that is now resting at right at $5k. That is totally insane! All that remains is my Federal Loan which is a little less than $19k. Barring any major job changes, or any major expenses (like a car dying) we are on track to have the rest of my student loans paid off by January. Which is just surreal! And so exciting! And a little bit scary!? 

Goals for April:

  • Blog Emily’s baby shower (check out photos from my friend Amy, here)
  • Finish New Order: A Decluttering Handbook for Creative Folks (and Everyone Else)
  • Re-read Boundaries as part of the Nancy Ray Book Club
  • Blog Lincoln’s First Fiesta
  • Blog “everyday” photos from March
  • 10pm bedtime and 6am wake up Monday through Friday.
  • Go to outdoor yoga every Saturday in April. 
  • Walk every day that it is not raining / weekly Fit Bit challenge with friends. 
  • Celebrate Marshall’s 28th birthday!
  • Rest on Sundays. No work, just church and family time. 
Happy April! 

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